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  • Kratomade Wild Mountain Blueberry Kratomade Wild Mountain Blueberry
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    Kratomade Wild Mountain Blueberry Instant Powder Drink

    $11.95 - $214.80
    Description NEW Kratomade – a kratom-infused, fruit-flavoured, instant powdered drink! Each sachet is 2 SERVINGS and contains 100 mg of Mitragynine. Just add 250ml of cold water to...
    Qty in Cart: 0
    $11.95 - $214.80
  • Kratomade Wild Raspberry Delight Instant Powder Drink Kratomade Wild Raspberry Delight Instant Powder Drink
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    Kratomade Wild Raspberry Delight Instant Powder Drink

    $11.95 - $214.80
    Description NEW Kratomade – a kratom-infused, fruit-flavoured, instant powdered drink! Each sachet is 2 SERVINGS and contains 100 mg of Mitragynine. Just add 250ml of cold water to...
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    $11.95 - $214.80
  • Kratomade Yellow Grapefruit Instant Powder Drink Kratomade Yellow Grapefruit Instant Powder Drink
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    Kratomade Yellow Grapefruit Instant Powder Drink

    $11.95 - $214.80
    Description NEW Kratomade – a kratom-infused, fruit-flavoured, instant powdered drink! Each sachet is 2 SERVINGS and contains 100 mg of Mitragynine. Just add 250ml of cold water to...
    Qty in Cart: 0
    $11.95 - $214.80
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Discover Hush Kratom at Kratom Monkey!

Searching for a premium kratom brand with an impressive collection of high-strength extracts? Look no further than Hush Kratom! With ultra-enhanced powders, capsules, liquid shots, and edibles in its range, Hush has kratom products to suit all preferences. 

Welcome to the Hush Kratom brand page at Kratom Monkey! In this detailed guide, I will give you insight into the company behind the name before showcasing the Hush products available in our store. And I will also explain why Hush is a brand you can trust.

So, here is everything you need to know about Hush Kratom! 

Who is Hush Kratom?

Hush Kratom is a US-based manufacturer of kratom products. Specializing in kratom extracts, Hush’s products are well-suited to regular users who enjoy large serving sizes. And the brand prides itself on making products with the highest quality Mitragyna speciosa (kratom).

Furthermore, the American Kratom Association (AKA) has approved Hush as a GMP-qualified vendor. This indicates that the brand has fantastic manufacturing practices, hence why the industry holds its extracts in such high regard.  

And if you need more assurances, Hush Kratom’s products are third-party lab-tested by batch. Enter your product’s LOT number on the Hush company website to find the relevant certificate of analysis. 

As of April 2023, Hush Kratom does not offer direct-to-consumer buying options. But with Kratom Monkey’s extensive and good value collection of Hush products, why look anywhere else?

Hush Kratom’s website suggests the company is headquartered in Idaho, a state where kratom is 100% legal! 

Introducing the Hush Kratom Collection at Kratom Monkey!

We are proud to sell several Hush Kratom products in our store. Let’s take a whistle-stop tour through the brand’s selection of kratom powder, capsules, liquid shots, and gummies.

Hush Kratom Ultra Enhanced Powder

This high-strength powder consists of full-spectrum kratom extract with a whopping 30 to 35mg of mitragynine per gram. With Hush loading 50 grams of its Ultra Enhanced Powder into every jar, that equates to a minimum of 1500mg of mitragynine per purchase.

The brand’s Ultra Enhanced Powder is perfect for brewing tea and suits the toss-and-wash method well, too. Creative kratom enthusiasts could even concoct extracts with the powder.

Hush Kratom packages the powder extract blend into a plastic container with a child-resistant cap. This product is made in the United States and is a must-try for lovers of high-potency kratom. 

Hush Kratom Caps

Savor a flavorless Hush Kratom experience with the company’s excellent kratom capsules. With no worries about making a mess or measuring your dose, Hush’s capsules are perfect for taking on the go. Kratom Monkey stocks the brand’s Silver, Gold, and Platinum Caps.

Silver Caps: Made with full-spectrum kratom powder extract blend and sold in 20-ct bottles. Each capsule contains 15mg of mitragynine. 

Gold Caps: Created with the brand’s renowned powder extract blend. Each capsule is equivalent to 6 or 7 grams of plain leaf. Hush Kratom’s Gold Caps are sold in 2-ct, 3-ct, and 5-ct blister packs. 

Platinum Caps: Introducing the world’s first liquid kratom gel capsule product! Each capsule contains the equivalent of 3 to 4 grams of plain leaf kratom. Sold in 2-ct blister packs. 

Hush Kratom Soft Gels

Struggle to swallow hard-shell capsules? Consider Hush Kratom’s stellar Kratom Soft Gels! These smooth, rounded capsules go down better than bulky, rigid, hard-shell caps.

Hush sure is excited about these soft gels, which they claim will revolutionize the industry! With a standardized alkaloid content and a fast-acting onset of effects, consuming kratom capsules has never been more convenient. What’s more, these capsules are still flavor-free! 

Each soft gel contains 15mg of mitragynine. With 15 soft gels per bottle, that calculates to 225mg of mitragynine per purchase! Hush Kratom suggests taking 3 or 4 capsules per serving for best effects. 

Hush Kratom Shots

Next up, we have the brand’s intense liquid Kratom Shots. These are brilliant for taking high kratom dosages on the move and have a more tolerable taste than kratom powder. Hush uses full-spectrum kratom extract in its shots, with a mighty 110mg of mitragynine infused into each. 

Moreover, Hush Kratom notes that these are among the few kratom shot products on the market made with a non-alcohol base. If nothing else, that makes for a significantly less harsh throat hit. 

Ultra Shots: This Hush product contains 10ml of full-spectrum kratom extract and has a lemon-lime flavoring. 

Coffee Shots: Hush Kratom’s Coffee Shots are infused with real coffee flavorings! It is also made with 10ml of full-spectrum kratom extract, ensuring an alkaloid-rich experience.

Hush Kratom Gummies

Edibles are relatively new to the kratom scene but should not be underestimated! They are discreet, travel-friendly, and infused with standardized amounts of mitragynine. Looking for a tasty, hassle-free kratom experience? Hush’s Kratom Gummies are worth the extra cost.

The brand’s Tropical Passion Gummies come in a resealable 10-ct bag, with roughly 10 to 11 milligrams of mitragynine infused into each edible - this equates to about 1 gram of plain-leaf kratom.

Hush’s Kratom Gummies give you more control over the effects. You could take several gummies or divide them up into smaller servings. However you take them, these sugary, star-shaped, kratom extract-infused edibles make the herb tastier than ever.

Is Hush Kratom Legit?

Yes, and the brand has the American Kratom Association's GMP-qualified vendor status to prove it. Only the best kratom product manufacturers have this sought-after accolade from the industry's most prominent advocacy group.

Hush Kratom also demonstrates brand transparency through third-party lab testing. With independent checks on alkaloid potency and kratom purity for Hush's product collection, you can shop with peace of mind. 

Hush Kratom Reviews

Hush Kratom loves its products, and we are delighted to sell them at Kratom Monkey - but what do customers think of this brand? In short, plenty of good things!

Transparent, consistent, and high-quality are all terms used to describe Hush Kratom’s products. The company’s commitment to publishing third-party lab results by batch for its kratom products is welcome and demonstrates its confidence in its collection.

And while some kratom brands are hit and miss, customers confirm this isn’t the case with Hush. The brand’s pure and potent mitragynine extract makes for first-class products, whether you choose old-school powder or innovative edibles and liquid shots. 

Finding a reliable kratom brand with dependable products takes the weight off your shoulders. With Hush Kratom, you can trust what you are getting and enjoy your experience to the max. 

Buy Hush Kratom Products at Kratom Monkey!

Thanks for reading this Hush Kratom brand review! All the products showcased in our brand guide are available in the Kratom Monkey store. 

Need some assistance? Reach out to our customer service team. And remember, if you spend $50 or more, we will ship your order free of charge