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Kratom Edibles

Welcome to Kratom Monkey's collection of kratom edibles! These exciting and popular products are proving a hit in our store. But if you aren't yet familiar with them, this review will bring you up to speed.

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    Topps Kratom Tropical Gummies

    Topps Kratom
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    Topps Kratom Tropical Gummies Sweetened delicious Kratom Gummies are with raw agave and made with Full-Spectrum Kratom. Each serving is perfectly portioned to provide the perfect effect with no harsh crash afterward.
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Kratom Edibles: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

I will cover everything from what kratom edibles are to why you might prefer them to other product types. And I will also showcase the best kratom edible brands for sale at Kratom Monkey.

Sounds good? Great! Settle in, and let me guide you toward the ultimate kratom edible experience!

Introducing Kratom Edibles

Kratom edibles come in various forms, but they all offer the same thing - a convenient way of taking the herb without the harsh bitter flavor associated with kratom powder.


Kratom gummies are perhaps the most common type of kratom-infused edibles on the market. The sugary sweetness combines with the kratom extract to deliver a delectable and beneficial experience, free from that typical kratom taste.

Kratom gummies have a set amount of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG) per serving - the best brands clarify this on the product label. The gummies often have a fruity twist, with orange, mango, and raspberry all popular flavorings.


Infused candy products can also help you dodge that raw bitterness of pure kratom. Hard candies, chocolate, taffy, and toffee fall under the kratom candy umbrella. The brands that sell these products tend to specialize in one or two types of candy.

Advantages of Kratom Edibles

Edibles aren't just popular because they are a fun way of enjoying kratom. Infused gummies and candies have several practical benefits over powder, loose leaves, and other product types.

Consistent Serving Sizes

Knowing exactly how much kratom you are taking is crucial to a positive experience - this applies even more for those just starting out. While ‘tossing and washing’ powder and chewing leaves are classic old-school methods, neither offer the serving size accuracy of kratom edibles.

Premium kratom edible brands verify how potent their products are, printing the amount of mitragynine and 7-HMG per serving and the overall alkaloid content. This allows you to work out how much kratom you need and to develop a consistent and regulated dosage plan.


Perhaps you want to keep your kratom consumption on the down low. Edibles make that much easier than, say, kratom powder, which requires ‘tossing and washing’ or brewing tea.

With kratom gummies or candies, you can take them wherever you go and then pop them whenever you feel the need. The entire process takes only a few seconds.


Generally speaking, kratom edibles are simply less hassle than many other kratom products. You don’t need to measure out a dosage, you don’t have to worry about the flavor, and there is no preparation required when you want to eat one. 

Meet the Best Kratom Edible Brands at Kratom Monkey!

At Kratom Monkey, we pride ourselves on curating a premium collection of the best kratom brands available today. We know our customers care about getting the finest quality kratom, which is often trickier than it should be. That’s why we make things as easy as possible!

Let’s run through the best kratom edible brands for sale in our store.

Topps Kratom

Topps Kratom is a premium brand with an impressive variety of kratom products, including delicious edibles. Since entering the market, Topps has acquired a reputation for manufacturing pure and potent kratom products. And Kratom Monkey has the gummies to prove it!

The Gold Full-Spectrum Kratom Extract Gummies from Topps has been a best-seller since the day we added them to our collection. Made in the USA at a cGMP-certified facility, Topps has full control of the manufacturing process and never cuts corners.

Topps is a third-party tested kratom brand that takes product labeling seriously. With clear information about the contents of its products and how to use them, Topps ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for kratom users.

Are Kratom Edibles Legit?

Yes, kratom edibles are legit, provided they come from a genuine company. At Kratom Monkey, we put your mind at ease by only stocking edible products from premium, lab-tested brands.

But we don't expect you to take our word for it! With third-party lab results available for all the kratom edibles in our store, you can verify that a product is up to standard before you buy.

There are two crucial factors to consider when checking a kratom edible lab report: alkaloid potency and kratom purity. The former tells you how strong a product is, while the latter confirms there aren’t any nasty contaminants lurking.

Are Kratom Edibles Right for Me?

Like what you have read about kratom edibles, but are still unsure if this is the best product type for you? Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from kratom gummies and candies. 

Discretion: If staying under the radar is your top priority, kratom edibles are matched only by kratom capsules. The quick and easy consumption method and lack of aroma allow you to discreetly get your kratom hit anytime and anywhere!

Long-lasting effects: When taking an edible, the kratom alkaloids enter your system via the stomach. This makes for slower initial effects, but it pays off with a longer-lasting experience.

If you need a single serving to last many hours, edibles are preferable to kratom tinctures, which offer faster-acting but shorter-lived effects. It all comes down to preference! 

Better-flavored experience: Don’t let the harsh bitterness of other kratom products put you off the herb! With infused gummies and candies, the fruit extracts and sugars balance kratom’s natural flavors, making for a better-tasting and more pleasant experience.

Kratom Side Effects and Safety Precautions

While many users have a wonderful time with kratom, the herb can cause side effects. Reduce your risk by consuming products with clear direction for use and by following the suggested serving sizes.

Even so, kratom just doesn’t sit well with some people. Here are a few possible side effects:

  • Aggression
  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle discomfort
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Addiction

Find out more about the potential effects of kratom here.

Use kratom responsibly. Never mix kratom with alcohol and do not drive while under the influence. Kratom is for adult use only, so keep products out of reach of children. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks for checking out this Kratom Monkey guide to kratom edibles! We are delighted to stock these innovative and exciting kratom products and look forward to increasing our range soon.

Have any questions about kratom edibles or the brands we stock at Kratom Monkey? Our customer service team is on hand to help! Reach us via phone, email, or live website chat.

Kratom Edibles