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Kratom Powder Extracts

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The Complete Guide to Kratom Powder Extracts

Enjoy kratom powder but looking for something more potent? Then consider kratom powder extracts, a more intense version of the product that has become so popular in the industry.

Welcome to Kratom Monkey’s collection of kratom powder extract products. In this review, I will explore what powder extracts are and how they differ from standard powder before introducing you to the best products we have for sale. 

Unsure if kratom powder extracts are for you but keen to learn more? Then keep reading. This is the comprehensive guide you have been waiting for!

What are Kratom Powder Extracts?

Ready to take your kratom experience to new heights? Enhanced Mitragyna speciosa powder extracts will get you where you need to be. Teeming with alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG), these products provide unprecedentedly intense effects.

Kratom powder extract manufacturers combine traditional kratom powder with alkaloid-rich extract to create a stronger product. This explains why powder extracts are considerably more intense, even though they are visually similar to regular powder. 

The 7-HMG alkaloid is more potent than mitragynine, but it's typically found in small amounts in kratom powder. However, when creating kratom powder extracts, many brands take the opportunity to bolster the 7-HMG levels, further enhancing the powder’s effects.

How to Use Kratom Powder Extracts

You can take kratom powder extracts in several ways, from ‘tossing and washing’ to consuming in homemade capsules. Let’s delve deeper into the most common intake methods.

Toss and wash: Introducing the simplest ingestion option! Scoop a spoonful of kratom powder into your mouth and wash it down with a glass of water. Consider sweetening the water beforehand to blunt kratom’s bitter taste. 

Kratom Tea: Bring a small saucepan of water to a simmer, add a pre-measured serving of kratom powder, and steep for 15 minutes. Strain the liquid to remove the sediment, stir your favorite sweetener into the brew, and drink up! 

Or simplify matters by sealing kratom powder extract into a disposable tea bag and steeping it in boiling water. Sweeten the brew as desired. 

Homemade capsules: You will need a capsule machine for this method - thankfully, these are relatively cheap. But why make kratom capsules when you can buy them readymade? The hassle is worth it if you want to blend strains or mix kratom powder with a potentiator (e.g., turmeric).

Why Choose Kratom Powder Extracts?

Kratom powder extracts are for those who know they require more for a satisfying experience. If you need copious amounts of powder every time you dose up, enhanced powder extract is a more convenient and efficient way of getting your kratom hit.

I don’t recommend kratom powder extracts for first-time users. The intensity might be more than you can handle (or even need) and will increase your risk of side effects. It’s best to start with regular kratom powder before making the jump to the big leagues!

Introducing the Best Kratom Powder Extract Brands at Kratom Monkey

What was once a niche kratom product has now gone mainstream! Many top brands offer a range of kratom powder extracts. And we are thrilled to stock products from the likes of Amazing Botanicals, Hush Kratom, and Krave Kratom. Let’s learn more about these leading companies.

Amazing Botanicals

Amazing Botanicals has an enormous collection of kratom products, including an impressive variety of extracts. With a selection of kratom powder extracts in different strains and strengths, every consumer can find something suitable for them.

Operating in Florida, Amazing Botanicals has become an established member of the kratom community. This company is delivering on its stated goal to bring the best quality kratom to consumers and backs up its products with impeccable third-party lab reports.

Hush Kratom

Moving on to Hush Kratom, a brilliant company with a lofty reputation. Hush specializes in edibles, liquid shots, enhanced capsules, and powder extracts. If you like potent kratom, you are going to love this brand.

Kratom Monkey is delighted to stock Hush Kratom’s Ultra Enhanced Powder Extract. This versatile and high-strength product is loaded with mitragynine and other beneficial alkaloids. The full-spectrum extract also contains other active kratom compounds, such as flavonoids. 

In addition, Hush Kratom is listed as a GMP-qualified vendor by the American Kratom Association (AKA), a prized accolade that only the industry’s finest have. Third-party lab results are available for all Hush Kratom products by the batch - that is as transparent as it gets!

Krave Kratom

We conclude our brand review with Krave Kratom, a thriving brand with numerous premium kratom products, including an outstanding extract hybrid powder.

Krave has mastered the grafting method, which allows for the infusion of several strains into one parent plant. This makes for enhanced and specific effects, as shown by the brand’s Extract Hybrid Powder. Think of it as an amped-up version of a green kratom strain! 

Are Kratom Powder Extracts Legit?

Yes, kratom powder extracts are genuinely more potent than standard kratom powder. However, not all brands are legit, and not every product is up to standard. You must be careful about what you buy, especially when it comes to high-strength extracts.

Bad actors selling “kratom extracts” could adulterate products with harmful ingredients such as synthetic alkaloids. However, you can avoid dangerous kratom products by refusing to shop at sketchy places like gas stations and buying from a reputable vendor like Kratom Monkey instead!

We only stock the best quality kratom powder extracts from the industry’s most respected brands. We look for brands that manufacture extracts in GMP-certified facilities and show their products are legit with third-party lab results. 

Kratom Powder Extracts: Side Effects and Safety Precautions

Kratom can cause side effects - and extra-potent products are often more problematic, especially for inexperienced users. Possible side effects from taking kratom powder extract include:

  • Addiction and dependence
  • Dry mouth
  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weight loss 

Limit your risk of side effects by sticking to the manufacturer’s dosing guidelines. All kratom products have slightly different potencies, and these differences may be more noticeable with powder extracts.

If unsure about how much kratom to take, err on the side of caution. Taking less and realizing you need more is better than consuming too much and only noticing when it is too late. You can always add to your experience, but you cannot take away from it!

Here are a few more safety precautions to keep in mind:

  • Don't mix kratom with alcohol
  • Don't drive when under the influence of kratom 
  • Keep kratom products away from children

Final Thoughts

Kratom powder extracts are excellent for kratom users who are no longer getting the kick they need from classic kratom powder. Rather than making do with massive servings of the latter, why not switch to more concentrated powder extracts and enjoy hassle-free dosing once more