Is Kratom Legal in Texas? My personal perspective

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Jan 19, 2023

Understanding kratom legality is a top priority of consumers throughout the United States, including those in Texas. With federal, state, and local government laws to consider, it can be a notoriously complex topic.

Bottom line: kratom is legal in Texas - but there is more to the story. At Kratom Monkey, we always give you the full facts of the situation - good or bad - with no sugar-coating. And I have plenty to share with you about the current scenario and what may happen going forward.

As a frequent traveler to the Lone Star State, I have become familiar with the legal shenanigans and the on-the-ground reality over the years. So, let’s dig into the legal status of kratom in Texas!

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Understanding Kratom Legality in Texas

Kratom is legal in Texas, with no federal or state legislation restricting its manufacture, possession, sale, or use. And unlike some states, no counties, cities, or smaller legislative bodies have moved to ban kratom, either. So, that keeps things simple!

Technically speaking, kratom is legal in the state because it is not a controlled substance.

Whether you live in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, or elsewhere, you and the more than 29 million other Texans can enjoy kratom without legal concern. I have seen it on sale in these places myself.

Has Texas Tried to Regulate Kratom in the Past?

Yes, kratom regulation has been on the agenda for years. None of these regulation attempts have succeeded, and there has been no direct legal effort to make it illegal. But what has gone down in the Lone Star State since kratom hit the big time?

In 2021, two localized versions of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) were introduced to the Texas Legislature - House Bill 1097 and Senate Bill 821. The former died in the chamber, while the latter died in committee. Neither bills were close to passing.

Essentially, such legislation would impose labeling requirements on vendors. It would also stop companies from selling products with potentially dangerous additives while keeping kratom out of the hands of minors.

Other features of House Bill 1097 included:

  • Banning products contaminated with poisonous or otherwise deleterious non-kratom substances

  • Banning products containing synthetic alkaloids (e.g., synthetic mitragynine)

  • Limiting 7-hydroxymitragynine levels to 2% of a product’s overall kratom alkaloid composition

Like many kratom users, I get wary when I see regulation efforts that could make it harder for local retailers to sell products. But the KCPA could bring benefits by raising quality and purity standards in the industry. After all, I want to know that I am getting premium kratom!

Due to persistent regulation efforts at the state level, kratom faces an uncertain future in Texas. But such efforts have focused on improving quality rather than banning the substance. So, consumers may not have much to worry about.

No previous attempts to make kratom a controlled substance hopefully bodes well for the future. Law changes at the state level sure seem unlikely right now.

If a version of the KCPA eventually passes, the Texan kratom industry would change. But it would not affect companies selling high-quality products or restrict customers from accessing kratom. 

Kratom’s Federal Future

Inevitably, changes to kratom law at the federal level would have consequences in Texas. The federal government has explored banning kratom in the past but eased off after firm pushback from users.

However, as scientific research develops, federal lawmakers could turn their attention toward kratom once more. The substance is controversial, and with bans in some states, there is a precedent for kratom prohibition.

But not everyone in the federal government is opposed to kratom. The Federal Clarity for Kratom Consumers Act showed that! Introduced in late 2022, the bipartisan bill would block restrictive requirements intended to make selling kratom more difficult.

With millions of kratom users in the U.S. and an emerging research landscape, the level of federal interest is no surprise. And that could mean good or bad things going forward.

Where to Buy Premium Kratom Products in Texas?

With kratom legal in Texas, many brick-and-mortar stores take the opportunity to sell products. There are a few stores that specialize in kratom. But general convenience stores, gas stations, and head shops also look to cash in.

Despite spending time in Texas, I have never purchased products in person. The high prices put me off, and proving kratom quality is not always easy, especially with the more obscure brands.

In most cases, buying kratom online is cheaper and comes with quality assurances. When you don’t need to rent out a physical space or pay so many employees, you can afford to sell products to customers at lower prices. Indeed, we have seen a trend toward online shopping in all areas of retail.

But product quality is another critical factor. Your local gas station that sells kratom may not know much about its stock. In contrast, your specialist online kratom retailer will. The best web vendors will also have third-party lab reports for products to put your mind at ease.

However, if you find yourself in Texas and want to buy kratom in-store, here are three physical shops you could try.

The Wild Side
Moon Kratom
Puff King Smoke Shop

Final Thoughts

Right now, Texas is a great place to be for kratom users! It is legal and faces no impending regulation to restrict access. And no counties, cities, towns, or parishes within the Lone Star State have moved to prohibit it.

That is as good as it gets for kratom lovers in 2023. Who knows what will happen in the months and years to come, but for now, you are good to go! 

Feb 28th 2023 Andrew Summer

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