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Dec 23, 2022

Have you ever heard of Red Jongkong kratom? It’s one of the most uncommon kratom strains seen outside of Indonesia. Red Jongkong is probably still unknown since it is far more difficult to grow than its related strains but is not known for generating any notable advantages over them.

To help you determine whether or not Red Jongkong vein kratom is a strain you want to try, read on. In this article, we’ll be going over a brief background of the red jongkong kratom, along with its functions, serving size, Red kratom effects, and more.

What Is Red JongKong Kratom?

On the Kapuas River, Indonesia has an area called JongKong. In reality, Kalimantan Barat in India includes the Jongkong forest. As a result, Jongkong kratom might also be viewed as a Kali (Kalimantan) kratom branch.

It is in this region of Indonesia that the Kapuas River runs, and it is a location noted for its abundant greenery and is lush and healthy.

The Jongkong people have utilized kratom for many years. The locals use the plant to make their workdays easier and lessen tension. Since JongKong Kratom is cultivated in this area beside the river, it is a very uncommon kind of kratom.

A Red Jongkong is among the family of red vein kratom strains, and the plant used for these strains has a small red tinge. But in terms of effects, it's more similar to a green vein kratom.

Like other red kratom strains, Red Jongkong is renowned for its ability to induce relaxation and reduce physical discomfort. However, this is different compared to white and green strains, which are known for having higher stimulation levels.

What Are The Functions Of Red JongKong Kratom?

Red Jongkong functions similarly to other red strains. However, when compared to some of the different strains with stronger relaxant properties, like Red Bali, many users claim that red Jongkong tends to be more energizing.

Overall, this kratom strain is on par with green vein kratom strains, which are known to be the most balanced type of kratom.

Red Jongkong gives you a decent amount of energy, pain relief, relaxants, and a slight mood enhancement. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Pain Relief

The most popular application for red Jongkong kratom is as a painkiller. This is because it has a greater concentration of analgesic alkaloids than green or white strains, just like other red strains do.

Red Jongkong is not the most potent kratom strain for treating pain. It does, however, help with mild to moderate pain.

Reduces Uneasiness


Red Jongkong kratom is a beneficial strain for lowering anxiety. It has comparable anti-anxiety effects to some of the stronger red strains.

It is not the most potent sedative, yet some individuals may enjoy it. Without necessarily making you feel drowsy or sedated, it can lessen anxiety.

Sleep Support And Relaxation

Red Jongkong kratom has sedative and sleep-inducing properties. However, these effects are more pronounced at larger servings. Sedation and pain-killing effects generally go hand-in-hand, so if you’re hoping to use Red Jongkong, you can expect sedation.

Red Jongkong Kratom Dosage

Kratom is a highly intriguing plant. Depending on how much you consume, the same kratom strain might produce effects that seem to contradict one another.

Smaller serving sizes are often more soothing while greater amounts tend to be more energizing. To help you get some insight on your Red jongkong dosage or serving sizes, here are a few advisable measurements:

  • One to three grams of Red Jongkong should be taken daily for energy. Red Jongkong has a more energizing quality than some other red strains.
  • Take two to five grams of red jongkong for relaxation or alleviation of stress.
  • Four to eight grams of Red Jongkong are recommended for sedation and pain alleviation.

Keep in mind that these servings might change significantly based on factors like your age, height, metabolism, etc. Start with modest serving sizes and look for your sweet spot. Next, cut back on your use if you start to develop a tolerance.

Red JongKong Kratom Side Effects

In general, kratom is a terrific plant – and so is red Jongkong kratom. Numerous people have used it to find relief from both immediate and long-term difficulties.

Asserting that kratom is exempt from having adverse effects would be ludicrous.

But, of course, cutting back on use can help you control the majority of negative effects.

If you're feeling bad, either you're consuming too much kratom, or your body is telling you it doesn't like the substance. To give you some perspective, here are some of the side effects you may experience:


At greater dosages, red jongkong kratom might cause dehydration. The astringent kratom leaf tends to provide the impression that moisture and other fluids are drained out of your body's tissues.

This indicates that it's critical to drink a lot of water while using kratom. In addition, since herbal supplements might change your electrolyte levels, it is a good idea to have an electrolyte-containing beverage.


Kratom tends to make the digestive process take longer. As a result, you could have constipation if you use it daily. You may avoid being constipated by drinking enough fluids and consuming many fiber meals, like fruits and veggies.

And keep in mind that if you get constipation, that means you may be taking too much medication or too frequently.

Kratom Wobbles

The wobbles are a well-known and fascinating side effect of overusing red jongkong kratom. This side effect resembles the nervous or jittery sensation that comes from consuming too much coffee/caffeine, which is called a caffeine overdose.

On the other hand, Kratom wobbles are brought on by an abundance of relaxants, while the jitters are brought on by overactivity. Overusing too much red Jongkong kratom might leave you feeling lightheaded and uneasy, resulting in substance dependence and a build-up of tolerance.

Other Side Effects

Kratom has the potential to give you adverse effects that outweigh any possible advantages. And in some circumstances, it has even been known to cause fatalities.

Other than the ones mentioned above, here are some of the other effects you might experience when taking kratom in excessive amounts:

  • Aggression
  • Altered mentality
  • Irritability
  • Delusion and hallucination
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Frequent urination
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Tongue numbness

Tolerance & Dependency

Kratom is undoubtedly less potent than prescription opioids, but just like everything else, using excessive amounts of kratom can lead to addiction.

Numerous alkaloids found in kratom interact with opioid receptors. They stimulate these receptors and lessen the activation of certain excitatory systems in our brain, such as glutamate, to cause relaxation.

Once in a while, using kratom is okay and won't result in any apparent changes. However, if you regularly use it, your body will experience certain modifications.

The deregulation of the opiate system is one of the reforms. 

This occurs due to your body's attempt to balance out the stimulus of your opiate receptors in order to preserve homeostasis.

To put it another way, it is withdrawing in response to the overwhelming input. When individuals learn tolerance, this is what happens.

You have developed a tolerance if you notice that the same dosage no longer has the same effects on you. That also means it’s time to reduce your consumption.

Your body will ultimately grow reliant on kratom if you ignore this crucial warning sign and keep using it. If this occurs, stopping the use of kratom can cause you to suffer withdrawal symptoms.

During this time, your body tries to return to the condition it was in before you started taking kratom.

Some Similar Kratom Strains

You might want to look at some other kratom strains if you think Red Jongkong doesn't sound like the strain for you. Here are a few examples that exhibit almost similar effects:

Red Maeng Da Kratom

The strain Red Maeng Da is renowned for its strength. It has somewhat stronger stimulatory effects than strains like Red Bali, similar to Red Jongkong.

Check out Red Maeng Da if you're searching for something with a similar alkaloid profile, but more accessible and less expensive than Jongkong.

Red Bali Kratom

One of the most potent kratom strains is red Bali. It is well known for having solid sedative and analgesic effects. Red Bali can be the ideal variety if you're searching for anxiety or pain alleviation.

Green Kali Kratom

Both green Kali and Red Jongkong hail from Kalimantan. Compared to Red Jongkong, this strain is a lot more energizing and invigorating. It’s effective if you need something to get you through the day.

Honorable mentions:

Where Can You Buy Red Jongkong Kratom?

Red Jongkong Kratom can be purchased online from many different websites like Kratom Monkey, but you will want to make sure that you only buy from reputable sources.

You can find out whether or not a website is reliable by looking at reviews posted by other customers who have purchased from the site.

You should also look for information about shipping costs and how long it takes for products to arrive at your house after they have been ordered online.

Final Thoughts

A special kind of kratom from the Jongkong forest is known as red Jongkong kratom. Although it offers the same advantages as other red strains, some users say it's a little more exciting.

If you're a kratom expert or prefer to obtain your kratom from the jungle rather than a farm, this strain is definitely worth trying.

Note that if you’re a beginner in the world of kratom, it would be best to ease your kratom use. This is to get your body used to taking these substances gradually.

You can keep a journal or anything of the sort to help you monitor your intake. You should be fine with regulated serving sizes as long as you don’t go ham with your kratom strains.

Get your Red Jongkong kratom at Kratom Monkey today!

And if you’re having difficulty managing your Kratom intake or need assistance with anything Kratom-related, you can always reach out to us for queries and concerns.

Feb 17th 2023 Phillip Rivera

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