Red Vein Kratom Review: Benefits, Effects & Dosage Guide

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Jan 6, 2023

Have a meeting tonight and want to slightly perk up? With small doses, the red vein kratom will energize you.

Or maybe you want something that can help you sleep? A higher kratom serving size will help you get the zzzs you’ve been waiting for for weeks. You’ll then wake up feeling rested.

If you want to try kratom, then the red vein variety is a good pick. It is recommended for beginners.

The red vein kratom has a lot of strains you can choose from, depending on the red kratom results you’re aiming for.

Compared to the green vein and the white vein kratom, the red vein variety has red-colored stems and veins. In addition, this red vein produces more of a relaxing result, while the white vein kratom produces more of an energizing one.

Between the red vein and the green vein kratom, the differences are more subtle. The green vein kratom has a more balanced result – being energized throughout the day yet relaxed too in times of rest.

However, there is a significant reason why most users recommend the red vein variety for beginners. If you want to know what it is, read on.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you know about red vein kratom: What it is, its different types, as well as red vein kratom benefits, its dosage, and where to buy the best red vein kratom strains on the market.

What Is Red Vein Kratom?

The red found in red vein kratom comes from a high concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine, an alkaloid, which is said to be 13 times more potent than morphine.

Fast and powerful, this alkaloid provides relief from pain within 45 minutes. In addition, it promotes some relaxing activities.

Similar to opioid use, kratom users frequently use this plant to produce euphoria, reduce physical discomfort, and help with tiredness, which has become helpful for users.

An ideal choice for beginners is the red vein kratom. This is because the experience after using the red vein variant is milder or more mellow than most kratoms – hence, a good choice for those wanting to try this calming and relaxing leaf. Those who want to experience elevated mood and relaxation often use this type of kratom.

The red vein kratom is often dried in direct sunlight and crushed. In addition, they can also be fermented – the most popular one being the Bentuangie Kratom.

This Bentuangie kratom is grown after peak maturity when alkaloids are most potent. Such alkaloids are responsible for giving relief from pain, calming the mind, and relaxing the person. In smaller doses, users feel uplifted and motivated when using this strain.

The kratom leaves are sealed in bags and left indoors for two to five days. Now, depending on the preferred darkness of the powder, the processor lets the powder ferment for more days if he wants a darker powder. The powder becomes darker the longer it ferments.

But what does red kratom do? What is red kratom used for? Let’s get back to kratom ingredients.

Mitragynine, the active ingredient in kratom, binds to opioid receptors in the brain. This interaction leads to feelings of pain relief and pleasure.

Of the kratoms, the red vein has a relaxing result on people. In addition to this outcome, the red kratom strain can also relieve pain.

And unlike the green and white kratom leaves, this leaf does not boost the mind or the body. Instead, the red vein calms down users into getting a good night of sleep. 

Red Vein Kratom Dosage

To have some serious shut-eye, kratom users advise using red vein kratom.

One gram is the minimum amount that people use to feel the effects of kratom.

However, other factors affect the way kratom acts on the body. These factors are age, sex, and health status.

If you’re a small person, it is recommended that you use less kratom; while if you’re larger, you can use more.

Let’s take a look at the recommended dosage of kratom and its effects on the body.

1 to 5 grams

The body becomes energized. As a result, the user is more likely to focus on the task at hand. The effects can last up to 90 minutes and may include alertness and giddiness.

On top of that, the user may experience decreased appetite and heightened libido. The user may also find himself becoming more uninhibited and sociable as well.

However, three to five grams is considered the normal dosage of kratom. Therefore, if you’re a beginner, it is recommended not to exceed five grams.

Further, most users report an adequate dose of up to 5 grams of powder, used up to 3 times per day to experience effects, according to a 2018 study.

5 to 15 grams

At this dosage, pain is being relieved from the body. Similar to the effects of opioids, this dosage has an increased risk of side effects.

However, despite kratom targeting opioid receptors like codeine or morphine, kratom selectively inactivates specific signals only. This makes the side effects more tolerable for kratom, an atypical opioid, compared to typical opioids.

Effects of kratom include cough suppression, pain reduction, drowsiness, and calmness. However, feelings of calmness and euphoria can usually last up to 6 hours.

More than 15 grams

The body becomes highly relaxed. Therefore, take care to use only those that you can tolerate well.

In addition, the effect of kratom depends on what form it is. For example, kratom extract is more potent than kratom powder. 

Different Red Vein Kratom Strains

There are a lot of red vein kratom strains. Though all are red vein kratoms, there are still minute differences between each variety. 

Nevertheless, most of them energize the body at smaller kratom doses and relax the body at larger ones.

These are just some of them:

Best Red Vein Kratom Strains

Finding the best red vein kratom is a bit of a challenge. It's very difficult to determine which kratom strains are more effective than others until you've actually tried them.

To help you out, we listed down the best red vein kratom strains to choose from. Here are they:

1. Red Maeng Da Kratom

Not recommended for beginners, the red vein Maeng Da is a type of kratom that is cultivated in Thailand. This variant is highly potent and, because of this, is considered one of the best strains on the kratom market.

The Red Maeng Da is packed with alkaloids, which not only promote a body boost but promote balance as well. As a result, people who use this red variant feel rested after a stressful day.

2. Red JongKong

Another strain that boosts the body is the Red Jongkong. This kratom strain is one of the rarest ones. It can also bring a pain-relieving outcome as it works best for those with mild to moderate pain.

3. Red Bali Kratom

Some kratoms relieve pain in less than an hour. For example, users recommend the Red Bali Kratom if they want to reduce feelings of physical discomfort.

4. Red Borneo Kratom

In particular, the Red Borneo Kratom is known as a great all-around painkiller. Red strains that come from Borneo are known for their painkilling and relaxation.

Compared to other strains, the Red Borneo is a reliable reliever of pain. Moreso, it has a lower incidence of side effects compared to other red strains.

5. Red Vietnam Kratom

Another strain, the Red Vietnam Kratom, is also highly potent, known for its analgesic and relaxing outcome after use. With more than 25 alkaloids present in the Red Vietnam Kratom, it has become one of the most sought-after strains.

6. Red Malay Kratom

Some kratom strains like the Red Malay Kratom relieves tension and pain without feeling drowsy. This strain also has a more prolonged effect than other red strains of kratom. Sometimes, this kratom is combined with other types of kratom to heighten the red kratom effects.

7. Red Sumatra Kratom

If you’re looking for some serious relaxing experience, go for the Red Sumatra. Also, the calming red Sumatra kratom is best known for enhancing the well-being or mental state of the user. The aroma is calming enough to promote tranquility and positivity.

8. Red Riau Kratom

Another strain, the Red Riau Kratom, also promotes relaxation while not tasting nearly as bitter as other strains of kratom. Although less bitter, this strain doesn’t compromise quality. You get the same benefits with this better-tasting strain.

9. Red Malay Kratom

If you’re looking for something more potent, you can try the Dark Red Malay Kratom capsules. At the end of the day, when you’re looking to unwind from the busyness of the day, this kratom variant will help you chill out and catch your sleep fast.

10. Red Dragon Kratom

Although new, the Red Dragon Kratom promotes calmness, relieves stress, and instills relaxation. Unlike the traditional Red Thai, the Red Dragon Kratom better promotes sociability. Many athletes and gymgoers prefer this strain.

11. Red Indonesian Kratom

Another favorite of beginner users is the Red Indonesian Kratom because of its quality and effects. In addition, because of its relaxing effect on the body, many new users seek this kind of kratom to instill calmness, relaxation, or peacefulness.

12. Red Papua Kratom

Because of the highly relaxing effect of the Red Papua Kratom, it is used to combat insomnia. People recommend using this strain in the evening to avoid feeling drowsy during the day. 

Forms of Red Vein Kratom

The general rule is that the darker it is, the more potent the product is. Kratom tends to be darker if there are more alkaloids in number. Here are different forms of kratom and their alkaloid content.


Once the plant is matured, the adult kratom is dried before being crushed. Next, the leaves are pulverized, turning them into powder.

The regular dose of kratom powder is between 1 to 2 grams. For beginners, it is recommended to start with 1 gram. Take note not to use too much kratom powder, which may cause potential expected effects.

If you’re a beginner, users recommend beginning with a low dose. If you start with a high dose, you will develop resistance to kratom. In addition, the relaxing results of red vein kratom may become subdued. This means that you’d need a higher dose to experience the energizing or relaxing effects of kratom.


Just like capsule medications, the powdered form of the kratom plant is just inside a digestible capsule. Kratom capsules are easy to use, discreet, and affordable.

If you are looking for rest by using the red vein kratom variety, the capsules are very convenient to use. You don’t have to prepare a brew, and powders won’t get blown off by the wind, making less of a mess.

You can also use the capsule discreetly. Further, stuffing the powder in empty capsule shells is an easy process. You can also buy affordable red vein kratom powder in your trusted online kratom store.


Since it contains more alkaloids, extracts are more potent than powder. Therefore, the extract of kratom is concentrated. The dried leaves of the kratom or kratom in powder form are boiled for a long time. Similar to the process of brewing your favorite tea, the kratom solution is then strained.

If you are a long-time kratom user, you can try extracts. The kratom dosage is a little more complex than kratom in powder form. Extracts may be measured 2x, 5x, or 10x, representing the amount of kratom powder or leaves used to make the extract.

One of the differences between powder and extract is the strength. This is written in the form of a ratio on the label of the kratom extract. If the ratio is 2:1 – this means that the extract has twice the strength of kratom powder. Similarly, if the ratio is 3:1, the extract has thrice the strength.

There is also kratom in paste, tablet, and leaf form. 

Where Can You Buy Red Vein Kratom?

Buying the red varieties is challenging, even online. Kratom Monkey sells kratom in powder, capsules, extracts, and leaf form. Aside from selling the best kratom products online, we are also dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Take note that you must be 21 years or older to purchase kratom. Consult with a medical professional before use if taking prescription medication, alternative medication, or affected by a serious medical condition. 

Final Thoughts

Enjoy the benefits of red vein kratom today. If you have any questions or concerns, send us an email or chat, and our team at Kratom Monkey will respond right away.

As kratom experts, we’re here to help you experience the powerful results of kratom. 

Feb 27th 2023 Phillip Rivera

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