Transform Your Experience: Red Borneo Kratom Personal Guide

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Jan 14, 2023

Red Borneo Kratom strains come from the matured leaves of a native tree from Borneo in Southeast Asia.

Red Borneo cultivators first harvest the leaves. And then, they keep the kratom in a dried state or grind it up depending on the usage. Drying the leaves is necessary to enhance their potency and keep the alkaloid contents.

But what is red Borneo kratom? 

If you’re looking to try Red Borneo, read on. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Red Borneo kratom strain – dosage, side effects, where to buy them, and more.

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What Is Red Borneo Kratom?

Generally, when talking about kratom, color strains determine the distinction from one another.

Kratoms have different kinds, such as white, green, yellow, and red. All of these have different growth, effects, potency, and composition.

The Red Borneo strain particularly comes from the island of Borneo. And one of the most apparent characteristics to find is its distinctive red vein.

The cultivators harvest these red vein strains from Mitragyna Speciosa – a tropical tree part of the coffee family found in Southeast Asia. This unique strain contains alkaloids that are found in its composition. 

Growers must either dry and leave them or grind them to perfection. Performing these steps is essential to preserve its alkaloid content.

Red Borneo Kratom Dosage

In taking kratom dosages, it is best to keep in mind that it varies to different factors such as:

  • Consumer’s size and weight
  • Frequency of usage
  • How much kratom can your body take
  • The effects users want to achieve

Consumer’s Size and Weight

One of the things that you should look out for is to see your body composition.

The effects of kratom can self-regulate rapidly in the body, so those of smaller stature can safely take lower doses. Meanwhile, you can expect to consume more if you have more body muscles.

Frequency of Usage

You can use kratom as often as you want. However, these strains are recommended for nighttime use.

Still, bear in mind that the kratom supply ought to be steady. That way, you can reap the benefits daily without having to worry about unwanted effects.

How Much Your Body Can Tolerate Kratom

As for tolerance, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how you can handle your kratom dosage.

To find the right amount of kratom suitable for you, it is best to take a red Borneo kratom when your stomach is empty. After that, you can drink water to wash off the taste.

You can measure how much you want to take by using teaspoons. And then start with small dosages. When you can feel the effect taking place, you can gradually increase your serving size. 

Desired Effects

Simply put, there are many effects that you can reap from red Borneo kratom.

If you want to have a mild effect, you can have 1 to 2 grams of red Borneo. This size is enough to give you the the effect of the day.

When you need stronger effect, the right dosage to take ranges from 5 to 8 grams. 

Red Borneo Kratom Side Effects

There are certain adverse effects to be aware of if you use too much of it. The following are side effects of excessive use:

  • Prone to nausea. Red Borneo strains are potent, but it may take a while for you to feel their effects. However, it indicates that the intensity of the reaction may cause stomach distress from overconsumption.
  • Drowsiness. If you have consumed too much Red Borneo, you may feel sleepy and tired. This is possible because the sedative effects are responsible for the calming effect.
  • Shaking. Some users may experience breaking into cold sweats and start shaking.
  • Addiction. If you use it for a long time, you might become dependent on it.

Tolerance & Dependency

Because tolerance levels differ from person to person, they can also reveal how likely it is that you will become dependent on it when you've used an excessive amount. Also, there is no evidence that daily use can lead to dependency.

Where Can You Buy Red Borneo Kratom?

It is important to find a shop you can trust when buying kratom online. The most common things to look for when buying online are the price, quality, and even reviews.

Kratom Monkey offers fresh and high-quality kratom products. In addition, we have a vast selection of kratom products, ranging from different strains, compositions, and ways to take the product.

You can choose to have a red Borneo kratom in powder or capsule. Depending on your mood, they have it all.

Our Red Borneo kratom review gathers four to five-star ratings because of its stellar quality and fresh kratom product. Additionally, we make sure that the products are authentic.

The store also offers different kinds of strains. You can select strains such as:

To guarantee user satisfaction, we have customer service hours available from 10 a.m til 4:00 p.m every Monday to Friday. 

Mar 1st 2023 Phillip Rivera

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