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Gold Kratom: Different Types, Dosages, Benefits and Where to Buy Them

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Hi there! I’m Phillip, and just like you, I'm very passionate about kratom. I've been using kratom since 2017 therefore, I'd like to share with you everything I know about this amazing plant. Learn more at About Us.
Dec 23, 2022

Who doesn't just love kratom? When you hear someone say they tried kratom, it comes with a variety of responses. Luckily, kratom has grown in popularity in recent years, and new ways to enjoy this natural substance have made it fun and easy to use.

So what is gold kratom? What does gold kratom do? And how can you enjoy the benefits that this refined form has to offer?

Gold kratom, as the name suggests, is one of the most premium quality and high-end kratom strains. This strain is of particular importance to consumers since it never disappoints and comes loaded with numerous health benefits.

With numerous health benefits such as reducing anxiety, stress etc., this naturally occurring herb can change you and give you a “golden” new life by improving your overall well-being. This quality strain of kratom is sourced from Southeast Asia, where it grows wildly in tropical rainforests.

To learn more about Gold kratom, its recommended dosages, benefits, and where to buy them, read on.

What Is Gold Vein Kratom?

A Kratom blend is called "Gold" to set it apart from single-ingredient Kratom products (like strictly Green Vein or strictly Red Vein).

Gold Kratom is a 'hybridized' Kratom product with a wide variety of beneficial effects due to the fact that the alkaloid profiles of Kratom change depending on the harvesting and drying processes used by Kratom tree farmers.

It's important to remember that the veins in Kratom leaves aren't gold. The reality is less exciting than a golden vein of Kratom growing in Southeast Asia.

Many people who have tried Kratom have found success with Gold Kratom. It depends on how your body responds to the alkaloids in the Kratom mixture.

When it comes to the origin of gold vein kratom strains, the answer is largely unknown. However, similar to yellow vein kratom strains, the gold color of its powder has multiple possible explanations, any of which could be correct.

Gold vein kratom strains, for instance, have been widely speculated to get their color from a unique drying process. Of course, many kratom strains get their color from the drying process; perhaps you tried a new drying method to achieve that distinctive golden glow.

These strains are theorized and developed in response to their specific ecological conditions. Yellow Vietnam Kratom, which is said to have grown in a special environment, is a good example of this. As a result, some strains of kratom may have a different appearance when dried, depending on where they were grown.

The similarities between the gold vein and yellow vein kratom are undeniable, regardless of which explanation you favor. As a matter of fact, many gold kratom strains may actually be renamed yellow vein kratom. However, even though it goes by a fancier name, gold vein kratom is just as reliable as its yellow vein counterpart.

Now that you know what is gold kratom, let’s talk about how much of it you should take.

Gold Vein Kratom Dosage

Some people use kratom to treat pain or quit using opioids because of its ability to stimulate the brain's opioid receptors. In addition, many patients who had previously relied on opioids for pain relief are now unable to obtain them due to widespread efforts by the medical community to discourage their use.

Some people trying to avoid opioids have found kratom to be an attractive substitute due to its analgesic properties.

Kratom is typically consumed like a cup of tea or by chewing on the leaves. Resins, extracts, and tinctures of kratom are also commercially available. In addition, you can purchase powder, pills, capsules, and even drinks containing kratom from vendors on the street. One popular beverage in Thailand is made with the leaves of kratom, cola, ice, and cough syrup.

Recently, we've seen an increase in the variety of colors in nature. Various strains of yellow vein kratom are extremely popular. Due to their bright yellow color and possible sedative properties, they have gained popularity.

However, a different kratom strain has arrived. Gold vein kratom is a type of kratom that, not surprisingly, might have the same effects as yellow vein kratom. Keep reading to find out why you should give gold vein kratom strains a shot.

Dosage recommendations are typically based on the patient's age, gender, and current health condition. Kratom's effects can be modified by a number of other variables, including how it's consumed and which strain it is.

For instance, kratom extract has been rumored to be significantly more potent than kratom powder.

The effects of kratom can be felt with as little as 5 grams of powder, taken up to three times daily, according to a 2018 study based on a survey of 8,049 kratom users.

Dosing Gold Kratom is the same as dosing any other Kratom strain. The standard dose size is about 2.4 grams, but it's best to start low and increase gradually. A level teaspoon of loose powder is about the size of this unit.

Before increasing the dosage of Gold Kratom strains, it is advised to observe how a 2.4-gram dose performs. It is recommended that no more than two 2.4-gram servings of Gold Kratom be consumed in 24 hours. This will allow you to get the most out of your Kratom dosage routine by keeping tolerance low.

Different Gold Vein Kratom Strains

Now that you know what gold kratom is and what it does, let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of kratom strains worth checking out.

Maeng da kratom

The term “maeng da” can refer to a few different strains of “super” kratom. Although it was first developed in Thailand, you can now find Maeng da made from the strains of Malaysia and Indonesia as well. In addition, you can buy maeng da in a variety of colors, including green, red, and white.

It’s believed to have stimulant effects, boosting your energy. It also makes people feel good and decreases pain. Users have reported increased sociability after consuming maeng da.

Indo kratom

Indo kratom originated in Indonesia. You can get it in white, red, or green. It is commonly considered stimulating but less than other strains of kratom. Other types may have light, energizing effects.

Well-being, relaxation, and pain relief are all benefits commonly associated with Indica strains from the Indo region. People say they help them feel less anxious as well.

A Red/Bali vein kratom

The plant that is commonly known as Bali kratom originated in that country. Its color is red, and it is commonly believed to be an effective pain reliever. It is the “opioid-like” kratom strain, according to its consumers. It has the potential to help with the management of pain conditions related to anxiety and depression.

Malay Green kratom

Malay green was first exported to Malaysia. It’s a very dark shade of green. At moderate doses, it may help with energy, focus, and pain. In large enough quantities, it may produce a calming effect. This kratom can help with stress and worry, so they say.

Thai kratom

Thai kratom, as its name suggests, came from Thailand. You can find Thai kratom with red, green, or white veins, and the effects may be different with the color you choose. For example, an upbeat, happy “high” is supposedly the result of smoking white and green vein strains. On the other hand, pain can be alleviated by using red-veined Thai kratom.

Borneo kratom

The kratom used in Borneo is native to that island. It can have either red or green veins or both – even white. Some people claim that it is more calming than other varieties. There’s hope that it can alleviate stress and calm anxious minds.

Malaysia kratom

White, green, and red vein kratom, all native to Malaysia, is said to strike a happy medium between stimulating and calming effects. Users have reported feeling less tired, more alert, happier, and less in pain.

Gold Vein Kratom Strain Benefits

At least two distinct Kratom strains are combined to create Gold Kratom. Blends of Gold Kratom typically consist of multiple strains, making it hard to identify the precise alkaloid profile of the final product.

  • You can get the full range of gold kratom benefits from products that are typically made from a combination of strains, including Red Vein Kratom. It is highly sought after due to its calming and soothing effects. The vessel, Red Most tree leaves of Kratom have red veins while they’re still growing, so the term “Kratom” refers to the veins’ color before or after harvesting.
  • The stimulating effects of green vein kratom are well-known. However, when people talk about “Green Vein Kratom,” they usually mean the dried leaves have a greenish tint to the veins.
  • Marketed as the best Kratom for “morning focus” and “lift,” White Vein Kratom is a popular choice. Whether you prefer coffee or tea in the morning, this is a great strain to get you going. To produce white vein Kratom, growers bring freshly harvested leaves inside the house for a short period of time before taking them back for a “final treatment” of sun exposure.

These all vein colors are the basis for all Kratom hybrids. Gold Kratom is a part of this blend, and the color can range from slightly red to slightly green to predominantly white or anywhere in between.

Gold Kratom effects are the same as a composite of all Kratom effects, as it is a hybrid of several different Kratom strains.

Although kratom is not classified as an opioid, it produces effects that are comparable to those of opioids like morphine and codeine.

Mitragynine is kratom’s active ingredient. Mitragynine relieves pain by binding to opioid receptors in the brain. Some kratom users have reported feeling less depressed and anxious after using it, and this process could be to thank.

The gold kratom effects on mood have only recently begun to be studied.

One study from 2017 confirmed that, for some users, kratom improves mood and reduces anxiety. The studies also noted that kratom has a calming effect on some people. However, its purported benefits may be nullified by side effects like sedation, which have not yet been studied.

The benefits of a specific gold kratom are determined by the strains used to create a gold vein kratom. To summarize the benefits of this product, here are they:


The craziness of a single day affects the sleep of every working man and woman. This strain assists a person in falling asleep without having any thoughts running through their mind.

Pain Relief

As with any other kratom strain, this one can help with pain relief, such as muscle pain, headaches, or chronic severe pain. However, because of the strain composition, this strain produces faster and more effective results than any other standard kratom strain.

Appetite Enhancer

One of the essential benefits of gold vein kratom is that it helps those with a poor appetite. Gold Bali Kratom is a tried-and-true strain that prevents overeating.

Where Can You Buy Gold Vein Kratom?

Kratom is a popular herbal supplement that can be used for many different purposes, including pain relief, energy enhancement, and relaxation. It’s been used for centuries as a traditional medicine in Southeast Asia. Still, it’s also increasingly becoming a popular remedy among Westerners who are looking for natural alternatives to their medications.

In many parts of the United States, as well as internationally, kratom use is not illegal.

Since kratom is so popular, many people mistakenly believe it has positive health effects. As a result, many countries have banned kratom because they don’t want their citizens getting sick or hurt from taking it.

These are the states that have passed comprehensive bans on Kratom:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Specifically, the state of Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

The remaining states and DC have all decided to legalize kratom for recreational use. However, there are varying laws regarding who can buy and use kratom across the country.

Although kratom can be found at many local health food stores and supermarkets, we recommend purchasing it online. This allows you to get the best deal possible on high-quality kratom products that are legal in the United States (though not all kratom strains are).

It’s important to note that although the Gold Vein Kratom can be bought from a variety of vendors online, not all of them are trustworthy or safe — there are some companies out there that don’t sell high-quality kratom products at all! Therefore, it’s important to do your research before making a purchase so you can ensure your safety and avoid getting ripped off by scammers.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying kratom, it’s vital to do your research on what kratom is, and the different types of kratom that are available. This can help you make the right decision in choosing which kind of kratom will be best for your particular needs. Of course, you might try a few types before finding out which one you like, but it’s worth it — and not just because kratom has limitless potential benefits!

If you’re looking to buy Gold Vein kratom, Kratom Monkey is your best bet! We offer a wide selection of high-quality Gold Vein kratom products that are all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Get your gold kratom at Kratom Monkey today!

Feb 17th 2023 Phillip Rivera

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