Yellow Elephant Kratom: Functions, Effects & Buying Guide

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Dec 23, 2022

Most kratom strains get their names from the regions where they grow. For instance, the Yellow Malay strain originates from Malaysia, while the Yellow Indo hails from Indonesia. However, the Yellow Elephant kratom strain is different.

So what is Yellow Elephant kratom? What is yellow Elephant kratom good for? And how much kratom serving should you use? This guide will provide answers to these questions. 

What Is Yellow Elephant Kratom?

As previously mentioned, yellow Elephant kratom is not named after the place it grows. Instead, the strain is named after the physical features and shape of the kratom leaves used. It turns out that the product comes from massive kratom leaves that resemble an elephant’s droopy ears.

This strain is rare since it is not cultivated for commercial sale. It thrives deep in tropical forests with moist, humid climates and rich fertile soil. Accessing these regions to harvest the strain can be challenging, making the strain rare.

There are different explanations for how yellow Elephant kratom is made. Some Ayurveda kratom farmers explain that this strain is a result of harvesting premature kratom leaves. These leaves are washed, dried, then ground into fine powder.

Other farmers explain that they ferment red vein Elephant leaves. Fermenting the leaves speeds up the conversion of the energizing Mitragynine into the relaxing 7-OH-mitragynine alkaloid.

Red Elephant strains are usually fermented for three days. However, it only takes one to two days to ferment yellow Elephant kratom. The leaves are heaped in burlap sacks or black garbage bags and then kept in a cool, dark place.

Did you know fermentation allows faster absorption of kratom strains? It breaks the chemical bonds to promote bioavailability. In other words, fermentation makes the yellow Elephant a potent strain.

Meanwhile, kratom vendors have a different way of producing this strain. Most vendors mix red and white vein strains. Red kratom is typically relaxing, while a white strain is energizing. Blending the two strains offers energy boosting and relaxing properties.

Others mix green and red vein kratom strains, while others mix all three strains. This means that yellow Elephant potency varies between vendors. We recommend you only buy yellow Elephant kratom from reliable and trustworthy sites. 

What Are The Functions Of Yellow Elephant Kratom?

Yellow Elephant kratom comes from alkaloid-rich leaves, meaning it packs several benefits. They include:

  • Relaxing: Like other yellow vein strains, the yellow Elephant offers relaxing properties. It provides restfulness at higher doses at the end of a tiring day. The strain may not be as relaxing as the red strain, but it is more potent than other yellow-vein strains.
  • Reduces Negative Emotions: Using yellow Elephant helps block unwanted emotions and tension. Mild doses help drive conversations without feeling uneasy. However, the strain may get you over-relaxed if you use high doses.
  • Uplifts Mood: Yellow Elephant generates pleasant emotions of happiness, optimism, and motivation. It also offers soothing feelings of peace.
  • Enhances Focus: The strain provides increased concentration so you can focus your attention on immediate matters at hand. This helps reduce uneasiness and worry.
  • Manages Discomfort: It also reduces mild discomfort without sending you into a relaxation state. However, use Red Elephant if you need a more potent strain for discomfort.  

Yellow Elephant Kratom Dosage

You will enjoy the above Yellow Elephant kratom benefits when you use the correct dosage. The effects may vary for individuals, but here is a general serving size:

  • 0 to 2 grams – Microdose
  • 2 to 6 grams – Moderate dose
  • 6 to 8 grams – High dose
  • 8+ grams – Heavy dose

Beginners should use no more than 2 grams. Remember, the yellow Elephant is a potent strain. Using a high dose can lead to severe side effects. Therefore, gradually build your tolerance by starting slow.

A kratom dose of 3 to 6 grams is ideal for moderate users. If you have to increase this serving, do not exceed 8 grams of yellow Elephant. If your body develops tolerance to this high dose, take a break or opt for a different potent strain. 

Yellow Elephant Kratom Side Effects

Yellow Elephant Kratom Side Effects

Determining your correct kratom serving can feel challenging since it varies between users. You might not always experience the desired effects when you use small doses. However, you will experience side effects if you use high doses.

To be on the safer side, we recommend that you use small and moderate kratom servings. If you lean on the high dosage, you are likely to experience:

  • Confusion
  • Lack of focus
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Headaches
  • Impaired balance
  • Addiction

The daily use of yellow Elephant can cause cognitive side effects. You may suffer a lack of mental clarity and focus if you use the strain at high doses. Moreover, it can impair your memory when you use it daily for months or years.

High doses also affect the digestive system. You may experience nausea, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, or other side effects like migraines, dizziness, and lethargy.

Moreover, daily use may get addicted to the strain. Once your body develops tolerance to a kratom serving, it will prompt you to use more. This will force you to increase the dosage, and you may become dependent with time.

The good news is you do not have to experience the above side effects when you use the correct kratom serving. For instance, keep the kratom serving between 1 to 4 grams to boost mood and 3 to 6 grams to provide relaxation. 

How To Use Yellow Elephant Kratom

How To Use Yellow Elephant Kratom
We have compiled a handful of tips to help you enjoy yellow Elephant properties without the nasty yellow Elephant kratom effects.

  • Know Your Optimal Dose

Did you know that the kratom serving that works for your friend may not work for you? This is because your weight, size, age, and metabolic rate affect your optimal dose. So rather than follow recommendations from friends and colleagues, use low yellow kratom dosage to establish your correct kratom serving.

  • Measure Your Kratom Serving

We recommend buying a digital scale to measure yellow Elephant kratom powder accurately. Keep in mind that using higher doses can result in severe side effects.

What if you do not have a digital scale? Use a teaspoon. Usually, a teaspoon holds 2 – 2.3 grams of kratom powder. But, ensure you level the spoon with a flat surface object. If you heap the teaspoon with yellow Elephant, you will use more than 2.3 grams.

  • Use On An Empty Stomach

Fermented kratom strains have better bioavailability than sundried strains. And if you use kratom on an empty stomach, it will be metabolized fast. This means you will enjoy the effects faster than you would if your stomach was full.

Having food in your system often delays or decreases the strain’s properties. In other cases, food builds your tolerance, meaning you will have to use more kratom serving than your optimal dose.

However, some users experience nausea, vomiting, and digestive upset when they use yellow Elephant on an empty stomach. If this is you, take a light meal before using the strain.

  • Avoid Daily Use

Daily use of yellow Elephant can lead to dependence and addiction. Therefore, limit your use to once or twice a week. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the strain’s relaxing and energizing properties when you need them most.

  • Store Appropriately

How you store a yellow Elephant jar determines its potency till the last serving. This is because moisture, sunlight, and heat reduce kratom’s potency. To prevent this, close the kratom jar tightly and place it in cool and dry cabinets.

  • Source From Reputable Manufacturers

Since yellow Elephant remains a rare, unique kratom strain, some vendors do not share how they produce their products or the ratios of strains used. Besides, kratom is not federally regulated, meaning not all products are safe for use.

This is why you should purchase yellow Elephant kratom from reliable kratom vendors. Check their customer review page to learn more about their services and products. Also, confirm whether their products are tested for heavy metals and contaminants.

Some Similar Kratom Strains

Several strains offer similar benefits as yellow Elephant kratom. They are:

Here are our top 5 alternative strains.

Yellow Indo is a blend of red and white Indo strains. It originates from the jungles of Indonesia and packs potent physical and mental properties.

The strain is excellent at uplifting the mood. It produces intense feelings of joy and happiness to keep you motivated. It also provides relaxation when you are experiencing mental and physical restlessness.

Yellow Indo provides relief from soreness and discomfort. The blend of red Indo strain allows it to manage discomfort without throwing you into a groggy or over-relaxation state.

This strain is not as potent as the yellow Elephant. However, it produces mild and balanced effects making it an ideal choice for beginners. It grows in Vietnam and remains a rare kratom strain.

Yellow Vietnam is uplifting and helps manage tension. It produces a calm, mental wellness state to help you through work or lifestyle challenges.

Moreover, the strain enhances focus and alertness. It helps you work through challenging tasks without feeling sluggish. This allows you to become more creative and productive.

Besides, Yellow Vietnam generates pleasant feelings of intense happiness at moderate servings of 4 to 5 grams.

Yellow Thai is an energizing strain that hails from Thailand. It provides energy boosts for those mornings when you feel less productive. The strain is fast-acting, and its effects last three or more hours.

Yellow Thai also promotes focus and concentration. It balances relaxation and energizing effects to keep you alert. What’s interesting is you only need low doses of the strain for enhanced focus.

Moreover, using Yellow Thai elevates your mood. It makes you feel optimistic, happy, and tranquil. Besides, it is soothing and calming in moderate doses.

Another fantastic strain is the Yellow Borneo which is native to Borneo island in Indonesia. The strain provides amazing benefits since it is a blend of white and red vein kratom strains.

Yellow Borneo enhances your overall wellness by producing calming effects. It reduces tension, soreness, and discomfort to keep you active and productive.

Furthermore, the strain provides a boost of optimism. It has uplifting properties that help drive better conversations and social interactions. The strain also helps you manage negative feelings or challenging days.

Yellow Borneo alleviates mild pain. In addition, its energizing properties boost productivity.

Sumatra strains are well known for their relaxing and energy-boosting effects. They grow in the rainforests of Sumatra that have favorable weather conditions and environments.

The strain produces positive feelings and thoughts, which in turn, uplift mood. It invokes feelings of happiness to help you cope with negative emotions. Moreover, it provides a sense of calm and peace.

Yellow Sumatra also boosts energy levels. This helps users stay active. Besides, it enhances focus and alertness levels.

In high doses, the strain can produce relaxing effects. 

Where Can You Buy Yellow Elephant Kratom?

You can get this unique kratom strain at Kratom Monkey. Our product catalog features red, white, green, yellow, and gold kratom strains from different parts of Asia. So, we’ve got you covered if you are looking for rare and unique strains.

All our kratom strains are validated as authentic by lab reports from independent laboratories. We sell pure, organic, premium-grade kratom to help you lead a fantastic lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Yellow Elephant kratom provides both stimulating and relaxing effects. Use low doses to enjoy energizing effects that later produce relaxing properties as they wear off. Remember, Yellow Elephant is potent and should not be used in heavy doses.

But this potent strain is not as readily available as other yellow vein strains. To get your high-quality product, place your order at Kratom Monkey today.

Feb 17th 2023 Phillip Rivera

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