Yellow Thai Kratom: Overview, Effects, Functions & Dosage

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Dec 23, 2022

Yellow Thai Kratom is a new addition to the kratom market, but it does deliver some potency of its red, green, and white Thai counterparts. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to sample kratom products for the first time.

Besides being perfect for beginners, Yellow Thai Kratom is suitable for experienced kratom users since its production method guarantees a unique and effective alkaloid profile. This yellow strain is special on various levels, so kratom enthusiasts are eager to get their hands on it.

So, what makes this Yellow Thai Kratom strain different? In this guide, we will discuss Yellow Thai’s benefits, how to use it, and some similar kratom strains.

What Is Yellow Thai Kratom?

Unlike the red, green, and white kratom strains, Yellow Thai Kratom gets its complexion from a unique drying technique. After collecting green and white leaves, they are dried out for 15-20 days through the photo-oxidation process, which alters the strain effects and turns their color yellow. The leaves are then crushed into a fine powder.

This strain is a bit rare since it comes from the tropical island of Thailand, and its production is highly complex. Although the soil here is rich, and the climate is ideal for kratom trees and plants to thrive, it's much harder to pick the leaves and takes much more work to get to the forests. These aspects are what make Yellow Thai so different from the rest.

This herb is classified as yellow vein kratom, which is well-known for its effects on mood and cognition. The Thai variety is particularly relaxing in terms of mood, offering a subtle sense of euphoria and ease of feeling with your current state of life.

All Thai strains are perfect for individuals seeking to use kratom to enhance their mood and relaxation. The yellow strain is exceptionally energizing and has profound euphoric effects, lasting between one and two hours with higher consumption.

What Are The Functions Of Yellow Thai Kratom?

So, is Yellow Thai Kratom good for your well-being?

Each kratom strain has unique effects due to the complex interaction between the many alkaloids in the plant. The two major alkaloids present in Yellow Thai Kratom are mitragynine and 7-OH-mitragynine. Different kratom plants grow in diverse areas, each having varying amounts of these alkaloids.

The special alkaloid profile of Yellow Thai Kratom gives the strain several benefits. Here are a few effects to expect after taking this kratom.

  • Increases Energy:The Yellow Thai is an ideal kratom strain for you if your job demands a lot of energy. The strain has a high concentration of Mitragynine alkaloid, which is responsible for enhancing energy. Yellow Thai is the strain to go for if you suffer from drowsiness, fatigue, or lethargy.
  • Elevates Mood:Due to the euphoric and energizing effects, Yellow Thai Kratom helps boost your mood. If you are a person who deals with negative feelings, this strain can bring up your spirits. Take a half or full teaspoon of kratom whenever you feel down, and you will get a worry-free and happy feeling.
  • Soothing:Yellow Thai Kratom can offer both soothing and calming benefits. This strain's energy and mood enhancement help you get some soothing effects. However, if you are looking for something more relaxing and soothing, we would prefer you find a potent red strain such asRed Bali.
  • Enhances Focus and Concentration:This strain helps strengthen your focus and levels due to its energizing effects. It's a great balance of energy and relaxation that enables you to concentrate on what you need to do throughout the day. If you want to study for a test or be more productive, we highly suggest taking a half or full teaspoon of Yellow Thai Kratom.
  • Euphoric Effects:You can expect to experience some profound feelings of joy and excitement when you take the Yellow Thai. If your tolerance is fairly low, this strain will make you happy, energized, and tranquil simultaneously. It can also help you say no to some health conditions.

Yellow Thai Kratom Dosage

Kratom isnot approvedby Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical use, so we can't make any actual human and animal consumption recommendations. Nevertheless, most users suggest the following to be the sensible Yellow Thai Kratom dosage:

  • 1-2 grams:Beginners
  • 2-3 grams:Experts
  • 3-4 grams:Moderate
  • 5-6 grams:High

The effect offered by Yellow Thai Kratom depends on the quantity you use. Typically, lower kratom doses will provide more stimulation, while higher doses will give more relaxation. 

However, due to the potent soothing properties of Yellow Thai, even lower kratom doses will generally result in relaxation at some point.

Yellow Thai Kratom Side Effects

Yellow kratoms are powerful plants, and these strains can lead to side effects. It's crucial to be aware of the risks and side effects of using any kratom before you start using it. Here is an outline of some of the most common Yellow Thai Kratom side effects.

  • Mood changes and irritability
  • Sleepiness
  • Brain fog and confusion
  • Digestive issues, including vomiting, nausea, and constipation
  • Frequent urination
  • The wobbles (an awful negative effect characterized by dizziness and over-sedation)
  • Dehydration

How To Use Yellow Thai Kratom

Yellow Thai Kratom offers lasting effects that can be experienced by expert or novice users who are trying kratom products and experimenting with different strains. Another area of experimentation is how you use kratom since they are a few different ways to ingest Yellow Thai.

Like most kratom strains, this strain is sold in powder and capsule form. Whatever way you take it, YYellow Thai Kratom will work the same and offer you similar benefits. Here are several ways you can use this strain.

  • Make A Tea With Yellow Thai Powder

This is a conventional way to enjoy your Yellow Thai kratom powder. This method helps generate the alkaloid, and adding fresh lemon juice makes it even more potent. 

The only drawback is that it takes a little more time to prepare.

Here is how to make kratom tea:

  1. Put water in a saucepan and heat until hot (but not boiling).
  2. Squeeze around one cup of fresh juice into the water and add your kratom powder.
  3. Stir thoroughly until the kratom powder is evenly distributed. Simmer the kratom powder and lemon juice for about 15 minutes.
  4. Place a strainer or coffee filter over a cup and pour in your tea. This will collect powder residue that didn't dissolve.
  5. Put your choice of sweetener, such as honey, and drink immediately.

Alternatively, you can prepare kratom tea in your coffee pot. Add your measured kratom powder to the filter in place of coffee. Be careful not to add too much water to the pot since this can overdilute your kratom tea.

  • Find The Right Kratom Dosage

You must always use the right kratom dosage for your body to enjoy the Yellow Thai benefits. 

If you are new to kratom, it's good to start slow and gradually increase your kratom dose. Keep track of your experiences and document the kratom serving size you take and any negative feelings you experience.

  • Buy Your Yellow Thai From Reputable Vendors

When purchasing Yellow Thai Kratom, it's crucial to buy from reputable vendors so that you can easily track your progress and get great results. If you are taking capsules, you want nothing less than to purchase pure, reliable products.

Consider a small number of kratom vendors available and narrow them down to a selected few. Take into account different experiences that kratom users have given through customer reviews and the price for the value of each brand's products.

Narrow down the list until you find the best kratom vendors that offer some of the highest quality and most potent strains in the market.

  • Keep Your Kratom Away From Moisture

Moisture is the number one enemy of any stored food. You don't want your kratom to get wet or soggy and remain that way since it will rot. Dampness has the same detrimental effects on capsules, powder, and kratom leaves.

If your fridge is usually humid, you may need to rethink that space as a storage area. Humid can often accumulate within storage containers, including bins, so ensure there is as little oxygen in your container as possible. 

You can add a paper towel or rock salt to your storage container to help absorb some excess humidity in the air.

Some Similar Kratom Strains

Yellow vein kratom works differently on each individual, so you might find that Yellow Thai isn't that effective. 

If the kick is deficient with the recommended Yellow Thai Kratom dosage, we suggest you try someyellow vein alternatives. Here are some similar strains that can offer the same effects.

Yellow Vein Indo has been a prevalent strain since the early days of the kratom industry. Indo kratom isn't from any specific area but rather is the name given to the best batch of kratom from Indonesia at a given time. Generally, yellow Indo kratom has the highest possible level of 7-hydroymitragynine, one of the most potent and effective alkaloids in kratom.

Many users describe the Yellow Indo strain as a highly connected and spiritual kratom strain. 

Most feel that taking this unique strain of kratom offers them the boldness and comfort level they need when approaching social interactions. Typically, those who use Yellow Indo kratom do so as part of a way toward understanding and interacting with the world both physically and spiritually.

Yellow Vein Borneo is a well-balanced strain that hails from the rich, tropical jungles of Borneo Island. It provides a stimulating and relaxing effect, but the soothing feeling is much more pronounced. 

These conflicting effects offer an experience that can help those interested in enhancing their energy and finding relief.

Nevertheless, this cross-blend of effects comes at a cost. While Yellow Borneo could be able to both stimulate and relax you, it tends to reduce both of these actions to a lesser degree than you will find in other strains. 

A red strain will be more useful if you are looking solely for relief, while a white strain could be better when you want to remain hyper-vigilant and focused.

Yellow Vietnam is a green or white veined strain hailing from the rich forest along the Mekong River in Vietnam. This strain is dried using a unique method; sun drying.

Yellow Vein Vietnam is one of the most effective and famous strains on the market. It only grows in a specific environment, making it unique from other strains.

The benefits of this strain differ from one person to another. 

The effects of this strain will depend on your age and kratom dosage. Nevertheless, the users of this strain report that it can provide a feeling of euphoria and relaxation.

Several reviews have also shown that Yellow Vietnam can be used as an energizer and a perfect replacement for coffee. In addition, its users recognize the strain as a potential stimulant and mood uplifting.

Yellow Vein Bali is among the most prominent kratom strains worldwide and an essential strain for any serious kratom user. The reason behind Bali's popularity is its potency. It has the highest 7-hydroxy mitragynine concentration relative to all other kratom strains.

This yellow kratom was produced from a mixture of excellent kratom growing conditions, including high humidity, rich volcanic soil, and hot year-round tropical heat. Like its counterpart, the white vein, this Yellow Vein Bali has the same effects as a blend of green and red veins, but at the same time, the effects vary from a white vein.

Yellow Bali is a potent strain that helps people manage their challenges and needs. It provides a significant increase in physical and mental energy levels to keep you going through your daily work energized. The yellow strain also has a highly stimulating effect and offers relaxation at the same time.

As the name implies, Yellow Maeng-Da Kratom is high quality and much more powerful than most other kratom varieties. Yellow strain mimics the effects common togreen vein varietiesand offers a sense of calmness, a burst of energy, and mild physical discomfort relieving effects. Users claim Yellow Maeng-Da is calming, euphoric, and energizing.

Most Yellow Maeng-Da vendors use different white, red, and green ratios when making the strain. That means you might experience more red effects if the blend is higher in red strain or more white effects if it's mainly white vein kratom.

Increasing your amount doesn't amplify the energizing and stimulating effects when it comes to Maeng-Da. Nevertheless, it can change the experience into something much heavier and more relaxing. Increasing the kratom dosage will give you analgesic and soothing effects.

Where Can You Buy Yellow Thai Kratom?

Do you want to try this strain without spending too much but don't know where to buy yellow kratom? Worry not. Kratom Monkey offers this strain at a very affordable price.

We also strive to offer a large selection ofkratom strainsincluding Elephant, Malay, and Sumatra strains in both capsules and powders, meaning you should find any strain you are looking for here on our website. 

If you are searching for a product but can't see it, just let us know. We are constantly adding something new to our product line, and you can reach out to us at any time with any questions you may have.

Final Thoughts

Yellow Thai Kratom is a potent strain whose effects generally rate higher on the energizing and stimulating side. 

However, an overdose of this strain can bring adverse side effects, so always follow the recommended kratom dosage guidelines, and you will still experience the impressive benefits. In addition, you should only buy kratom from reputable vendors to ensure that your Yellow Thai delivers on its promise.

If you want a potent yet relaxing and stimulating strain, try the Yellow Thai Kratom.

Feb 17th 2023 Phillip Rivera

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