Yellow Vein Kratom: Benefits, Effects & Strains [Full Guide]

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Dec 23, 2022

Most people assume there exists a yellow kratom tree like the red vein, white vein, and green vein kratom. However, there are no yellow kratom trees. So, where does this yellow strain come from?

This guide covers everything there is to know about yellow vein kratom, the recommended dosage, strains, and where to get the best products. 

What Is Yellow Kratom?

Only three kratom strains are recognized, and they are: red, green, and white. The yellow vein is a hybrid strain that has raised numerous debates about where it originates. Kratom vendors and farmers have different explanations for how they produce this strain.

Here are four theories about how yellow vein kratom comes to be.

  • Harvesting Kratom Leaves at Later Stages– It is believed that mature Mitragyna Speciosa leaves have a yellow hue at the later stages of maturity. When these leaves are processed, they produce yellow kratom powder.
  • Harvesting Premature Kratom Leaves– Some vendors explain that picking younger kratom leaves gives them a yellow hue.
  • Blending Different Strains– The yellow strain may also result from mixing white, red, and green strains and then fermenting them.
  • Unique Drying Technique– This is the most popular theory. It suggests that red-vein or white-vein kratom leaves are dried for extended periods. Others explain that green and white kratom is blended but dried indoors, not outdoors.

Yellow kratom has similar effects to green kratom. It is not as fast as the white strain or slow as the red strain. But, yellow kratom effects last longer than white vein kratom.

The yellow strain boosts alertness, uplifts mood, and eases physical discomfort. It also boosts energy and a satisfying sense of self.

Although yellow vein kratom is a well-rounded strain, the degree of its effects may vary between brands. For this reason, opt for reputable, reliable, and consistent vendors. 

Yellow Vein Kratom Dosage

If you are trying out yellow kratom for the first time, start with smaller doses regardless of the yellow kratom benefits you seek. Besides, the optimal kratom dosage varies between users as it depends on:

  • Your body size and weight
  • Your tolerance
  • Your metabolism rate
  • The yellow kratom strain you are using

A kratom serving below 2 grams is a micro-dose and ideal for beginners, while one between 2 and 6 grams is a mild dosage. Using more than 8 grams is considered a heavy dose, so keeping kratom serving between 6 and 8 grams or lower would be best.

Gradually increase the dosage once you have established your level of tolerance. Remember that the higher the kratom dosage, the more likely you will experience side effects.

Also, always measure kratom dosage before using. For starters, using a teaspoon can help measure accurate doses.

To enjoy yellow vein kratom properties, use it on an empty stomach. Additionally, take water after use. 

Different Yellow Vein Kratom Strains

The following are the different strains of yellow kratom.

  • Yellow Vein Bali

The strain originates from the lush jungles of Bali, Indonesia. It is a result of mixing green and white Bali leaves with some vendors adding red Bali strains. The blend is fermented for two days to create a rich alkaloid profile.

Apart from mixing the strain, some Bali farmers harvest kratom leaves and leave them out to dry. Subjecting them to direct sunlight increases alkaloid concentration to produce potent Yellow Bali. This process takes several days.

Yellow Bali, which you can find by clicking the link, strikes a tranquil balance between green and red Bali. It has an uplifting effect that increases energy, keeps you stimulated, and enhances mood. The strain helps manage intense emotions while keeping you calm and composed.

It also has a relaxation effect and relieves physical discomfort. Although it is not as potent as Red Bali, Yellow Bali offers relief to mild discomfort and soreness. 

  • Yellow Vein Borneo

The strain grows in Borneo Island, Southeast Asia. Yellow Borneo can either be a result of drying red or white kratom leaves or fermenting the leaves. Therefore, do not expect consistency when trying different brands of Yellow Borneo vein.

This unique kratom strain is pretty stimulating, reduces tension, and provides relief from physical discomfort. This soothing strain provides a calm feeling when dealing with negative tension.

It also provides a boost of optimism. It promotes uplifting emotions and a joyful mood amidst facing difficulties. Besides, the positive boost of optimism fosters productivity.

The strain is also energizing to keep you on your toes. And if your body is sore or in discomfort, the strain can manage mild discomfort.

  • Yellow Vein Elephant

There is a reason why this strain has the name ‘elephant’ attached to it. This yellow kratom is made from large kratom leaves that resemble an elephant's ears. If you are wondering, yes, this strain is potent.

The Yellow Elephant kratom is not as potent as the Red Elephant, but it is effective at soothing discomfort. It offers relief with slight energy enhancement.

The strain also boosts mood, increases concentration, and produces a relaxation effect. High doses can be over-relaxing and helpful to users battling uneasiness. It motivates users to interact with others or face challenging situations.

Using the strain can also improve mood and create feelings of pleasure, joy, and motivation. It squashes negative emotions to keep you joyful.

Sadly, most users depend on Yellow Elephant for the 'feel-good' feeling. As effective as the strain is, we recommend that you use the strain twice a week at most. This will prevent you from getting addicted.

  • Yellow Vein Indo

This rare, yellow kratom strain is produced from grinding specially-dried white Indo leaves. Other vendors combine red and green Indo leaves and ferment them for two days before adding 25% white Indo.

Since Yellow Indo kratom is a mix of red, green, and white veins, it promotes physical wellness, acts as an energy enhancer, and elevates a heightened sense of self.

Yellow Indo provides increased energy to drown laziness and lethargy. In addition, it keeps you motivated and optimistic. Moreover, the strain relieves social tension and negative emotions.

The strain enhances concentration and focus. It makes it easier to handle activities and boosts creativity. Moreover, it generates powerful feelings of joy and happiness.

Besides, the strain offers soothing relief from mild pain. 

  • Yellow Vein Maeng-Da

Maeng-Da in Thai means 'Pimp Grade,' which translates to a top-notch kratom product. Yellow Maeng-Da is a fast-acting, potent strain that contains Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine compounds.

The strain is 80% white vein kratom and 20% red vein. You can use the blend anytime as it is energizing, has a pleasant soothing feel, and promotes mental wellness.

Yellow Maeng-Da is an energy enhancer. It will keep you alert and focused on the tasks at hand. On the other hand, it is relaxing in high doses. It offers soothing effects after a long, tiring day.

The strain is excellent at boosting mood. Users experience a heightened sense of self and intense happiness to navigate negative emotions or challenging life hurdles.

It also offers relief to mild discomfort. 

  • Yellow Vein Malay

Yellow Malay undergoes a unique fermentation process that gives it its rich aroma and a golden yellow hue.

The strain originates from Malaysia, but its stimulating and energizing effects have helped it gain universal popularity. Its ability to enhance clarity explains why users take it in the morning. It provides sharpened focus and boosts creativity.

This Malay strain also boosts energy levels since it features White Malay kratom. It will keep you active as you work late. It also promotes positive feelings when dealing with unpleasant emotions.

If you are a beginner, keep the serving below 2 grams. This will help you build kratom tolerance without suffering adverse effects.

  • Yellow Vein Sumatra

Yellow Sumatra Kratom hails from Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Different vendors use different methods to produce this strain.

Some vendors mix two strains and sun-dry them for 2 to 3 weeks to alter their alkaloid composition. Others leave the leaves to ferment naturally for two days, resulting in a chemical transformation.

Either way, Yellow Sumatra has powerful soothing, relaxing, and calming effects. It uplifts mood by blocking negative emotions. Besides, it provides mild relaxing properties for mental wellness. It also invokes happy feelings of contentment and motivation.

In addition, the strain is a fast energy booster. When the energy-boosting properties wear off, the strain provides a period of relaxation. 

  • Yellow Vein Thai

Yellow Thai Kratom grows in the lush jungles of Thailand. White Thai leaves undergo a unique fermentation process to convertMitragynineinto7-hydroxymitragynine.

The strain offers tranquility, an increased surge in energy, mood-lifting, and overall wellness. Some users report that Yellow Thai effects last 3-6 hours.

The strain offers relief from physical and mental discomfort. It eases physical soreness and helps manage uneasiness. It makes you have an optimistic attitude.

Yellow Thai has relaxing properties. It helps users feel calm and relaxed as they unwind after a rough day.

  • Yellow Vein Vietnam

As the name suggests, this Yellow kratom hails from Vietnam’s wild forests, making it a unique blend. It is unclear what methods Vietnamese farmers use when preparing this strain since it is rare.

Nevertheless, Yellow Vietnam boosts productivity to keep you stimulated throughout the day. It also has soothing, relaxing properties when used in low amounts. Some users love that it reduces physical discomfort. 

Best Yellow Vein Kratom Strains

Each yellow vein strain has unique properties, so you should use different strains before settling for one. The following are our best yellow vein strains.

Yellow Borneo Kratom

The Yellow Borneo strain provides a balance between white and red kratom. It is as relaxing as red-vein kratom and energizing as white-vein kratom. Besides, it is a fantastic product for easing physical discomfort.

Yellow Elephant Kratom

The benefits of Yellow Elephant Kratom are somewhat between green and red kratom strains. It reduces physical and mental discomfort without pushing you into a state of restfulness and tranquility like red-vein kratom.

Yellow Maeng-Da Kratom

Yellow Maeng Da Kratom offers a burst of energy and a calming sensation. It is much stronger than other yellow vein strains and is ideal for users with a tolerance for kratom. The strain induces happiness and a positive sense of well-being.

Yellow Vein Sumatra

Among all yellow kratom strains, Yellow Sumatra is potent at relieving discomfort and offering a sense of peacefulness. It is a balanced strain that helps generate an optimistic state of mind.

Yellow Vein Vietnam

Yellow Vein Vietnam is a fast strain with potent alkaloids. It boosts your energy levels while creating a soothing effect. 

It also uplifts moods for a happier sensation. Besides, it enhances concentration, which maximizes your productivity. 

Where Can You Buy Yellow Vein Kratom?

Unlike red, green, and white vein kratom strains that grow naturally, yellow kratom is artificially made. With this in mind, it is crucial that you only purchase yellow vein kratom from a reputable vendor.

Kratom Monkey is a trustworthy online store that stockshigh-quality kratom products. The products are tested for safety and purity by third-party labs and are certified free of molds, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Moreover, all kratom products at Kratom Monkey are legal for sale. We offer even the rarest kratom strains, including yellow and gold kratom powder.

Final Thoughts

Yellow vein kratom provides middle ground effects between red and white vein kratom. What about yellow kratom vs. green kratom? Well, some users comment that both strains share similar effect profiles.

Yellow kratom provides balanced effects due to the blend of white and red vein strains when drying and fermenting the leaves. 

It improves overall mood, discomfort, tension, and soreness. Furthermore, it will get you feeling energized, productive, happy, and in a good mood.

However, pay attention to your kratom serving size. Some yellow-vein strains are more potent and fast-acting than others.

Nov 20th 2023 Phillip Rivera

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