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Kratom Drinks

Get the most out of Kratom with our premium Kratom drinks, made from only the freshest and most potent leaves.

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  • Topps Kratom Cappuccino Shot Topps Kratom Cappuccino Shot
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    Topps Kratom Cappuccino Shot

    Topps Kratom
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  • Topps Kratom Shots (2 Flavors) Topps Kratom Raw Shot
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    Topps Kratom Raw Shot

    Topps Kratom
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    Kratom Shot Gold Extract

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Learn More About Kratom Drinks

Kratom drinks come in many shapes and forms. All offer a quick and convenient way of getting your kratom serving. Infusing kratom into a beverage provides many benefits, from suppressing the herb’s bitter flavor to giving you discretion when you dose up.

Welcome to this Kratom Monkey guide to kratom drinks! In this review, I will explore the various types of kratom-infused beverages for sale in our store, dig deeper into their benefits, and showcase some of our most popular brands.

Kratom drinks are fast becoming a preferred option for users seeking alternatives to traditional powder and capsule products. Ready to find out why? Then keep reading.

Types of Kratom Drinks

The kratom drinks tag covers several kratom products, some of which we associate more with beverages than others. But all of these products have something in common: each delivers kratom in liquid form.


Kratom tinctures are liquidized and concentrated kratom products, typically more potent than other forms of kratom. They come in small bottles (often 15 or 30ml) with a dropper for precise dosing. This is important given the unprecedented strength of tinctures.

Take kratom tinctures under the tongue for fast-acting and intense effects. If you struggle with the flavor or want a longer-lasting experience, consider mixing your kratom oil with food or a sweetened beverage. 

Companies create kratom tinctures by extracting the alkaloids (i.e., mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG)) from kratom leaves or powder. Many kratom tinctures are alcohol-based. 

Many brands describe kratom tinctures as containing full-spectrum extract. That means the tincture preserves as many of kratom’s indole alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoid saponins, and polyphenols as possible. This helps deliver the best and most authentic kratom experience.


Kratom shots are another concentrated kratom drink, rich in alkaloids and designed for swift and efficient delivery. Unlike tinctures, kratom shots put more emphasis on flavor and convenience. For example, many shots are sweetened and provide just one or two servings per bottle.

With shots, you can enjoy a kratom hit in seconds without needing to carefully measure out a serving. That slight dosing variance perhaps makes kratom shots better suited to experienced users. The best products are developed to taste great and prevent a harsh crash.


Kratom tea is a traditional way of enjoying the Southeast Asian herb - and tea bags make the process easier than ever. No need to brew up a massive pot and hope you get the serving size in the right ballpark - simply steep a bag in a cup of boiling water, wait a while, and drink!

Benefits of Kratom Drinks

Kratom drinks come with substance and style. While flavored shots may look flashy and attention-grabbing, they have practical benefits that make them better than other products.

Here are three benefits of kratom drinks.


Which sounds easier? Administering a few drops of kratom oil under your tongue, or measuring out some powder and scooping it into your mouth without making a mess? Exactly. And while there is a time and a place for kratom powder, it’s probably not when you are out on the road.

That’s where kratom drinks come in. Travel-friendly and effortless to consume, these products allow you to get a kratom hit in seconds, wherever you are. That is perfect if you have a hectic lifestyle or are never 100% sure when you might need some kratom. 


Kratom tinctures, teas, and shots kick in quickly, delivering the fast-acting effects many users desire. That rapid onset also comes with more intense effects than, say, slow-acting edibles. If you need the benefits instantly, kratom drinks are the way to go. 


Look, I love kratom as much as anyone. But I cannot pretend I am always a fan of the harsh, bitter taste. Thanks to market development and innovation, we can now enjoy the plant with a sweetened twist - kratom drinks are ideal for this.

For instance, some brands make kratom shots with agave, a delicious sweetener that blunts the bitterness of Mitragyna speciosa. Consuming kratom should be pleasurable, and now it is!

Introducing the Best Kratom Drink Brands at Kratom Monkey!

At Kratom Monkey, we are proud to offer a refined collection of kratom brands - and that ethos extends to our drinks selection. There are hundreds of companies operating in the market today. But only a small percentage reach our expected standards on quality and transparency.

Let’s learn more about the best kratom drink brands you will find at Kratom Monkey. 

Topps Kratom

Topps Kratom is an industry veteran with a stellar range of products. Specializing in kratom classics and novel offerings, there is nothing Topps cannot do. And we love the brand’s kratom shots.

Choose from a Raw Kratom Shot and a cappuccino-flavored Shot. Both are full-spectrum, custom formulated, and sweetened with agave. Topps manufactures its shots with maximum potency in mind while keeping the crash to a minimum.

What’s more, Topps makes all its kratom products in US-based, cGMP-certified facilities. And with third-party lab reports (for purity and potency) available for all products, Topps is a brand you can trust. 

Amazing Botanicals

Amazing Botanicals is a Florida-based company that we are delighted to stock at Kratom Monkey. This brand specializes in several popular product types, including kratom liquid shots and tinctures.

Like all leading brands, Amazing Botanicals brings premium quality to its customers. Through accurate product labeling and extensive third-party lab testing, these guys are transparent and trustworthy. 

Are Kratom Drinks Legit?

Yes, kratom drinks are legit, so long as you purchase from reputable brands and vendors. We are all about authenticity, transparency, and reputation at Kratom Monkey. We want our customers to feel comfortable and confident about shopping with us.

Therefore, we are highly selective about which brands we stock and ensure that every product in our store is third-party tested. The way we see it, you have a right to know how potent your kratom drink is and that it is free from contaminants before you spend a cent.

Are Kratom Drinks Right for Me?

Do you still need convincing on the advantages of kratom drinks? Let’s condense the benefits into three key points. 

Ease-of-use: Want to consume your kratom with as little hassle as possible? The minimal preparation involved makes kratom drinks excellent go-to products.

Flavor: If the bitter flavor of kratom torments your taste buds and makes your face scrunch up in disgust, the sweetened characteristics of liquid shots and teas could be perfect for you.

Discretion: We know some kratom users prefer flying under the radar. If you don’t want anyone to know you take kratom, choose unassuming shots, tea bags, or tinctures and enjoy your kratom in peace.

Staying Safe with Kratom

Most people have a trouble-free time with kratom, but problems can occur, even with genuine products. Like most substances, kratom has potential side effects to be aware of. These include:

  • Addiction and dependence
  • Dizziness and drowsiness
  • Hallucinations
  • Liver damage
  • Nausea and vomiting 

Click here for an extensive overview of kratom’s effects.

Sensible use helps promote a positive kratom experience. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s dosing recommendations and avoid mixing kratom with other substances, such as alcohol and marijuana.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking kratom. If you have kids, keep your kratom out of reach and, if possible, in a child-resistant container. 

Final Thoughts

That's it! I hope you now know more about kratom drinks, from what they are to who they are suitable for. Keen to get your hands on some kratom shots, tinctures, or tea bags? Wonderful. We will see you at the checkout!

Unsure about anything? No worries. Our customer service crew is here for you! Get in touch by email, phone, or live website chat, and we will be happy to answer your queries and steer you in the right direction

Kratom Drinks