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Smokable Kratom

Kratom Monkey brings you the ultimate smoking experience with our collection of premium smokable Kratom strains, expertly curated for maximum potency and purity.

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OPMS Kraton has been in business since 2009, and they have revolutionized the industry with multiple products, including OMPS Gold, Silver and Black. Are these products worth trying and are they any good? Yes. Users love OPMS, but some people prefer OPMS Gold, while others prefer Black, Silver or other varieties.

In our review of OPMS Kratom, we’re going to scour through lab results, view each product, talk about the effects of kratom and read through Reddit reviews. 

What Is OPMS Kratom? 

OPMS Kratom has been providing kratom extracts for more than a decade. Their headquarters is located at 25050 Riding Plz Ste 130-217, South Riding, Virginia, 20152.

The company uses a patented process for extraction known as High Pressure/Cold Water extraction. According to OPMS, it’s currently the only extraction method that produces unadulterated full spectrum isolate. They developed their extraction method after many years of research, and it involves removing each alkaloid individually. Each batch goes through a quarantine process and is tested rigorously to ensure only the highest quality product is sold to consumers.

Why You Should Buy OPMS Kratom

Since it opened their doors, OPMS Kratom has developed a reputation for quality and purity. In fact, OPMS goes out of its way to ensure that customers know how to identify authentic products from their brand. There are many other reasons to consider purchasing your kratom from OPMS.

OPMS Lab Results

OPMS does not make its lab results public. However, one study on kratom products found that OPMS was the only producer that agreed to follow the American Kratom Association’s (AKA) guidelines for production. OPMS states that they test their kratom products for contaminants, including:

  • Salmonella
  • E.coli
  • Mold
  • Heavy metals

GMP Certified by AKA

OPMS is GMP certified by the AKA, which means that they have to follow strict rules for processing and manufacturing their products. These rules govern their:

  • Standard operating procedures, including their manufacturing procedures, personnel and facility and equipment.
  • Recordkeeping, including batch production records and master manufacturing records.
  • Adverse event reporting system, including having an established policy for recalls and submitting reports.
  • Marketing practices, including how they label and advertise their products.


OPMS Kratom Line of Products 

OPMS Kratom offers a wide range of kratom products, including:

OPMS Gold Capsules

OPMS Gold capsules come in packs of 2, 3 and 5. Each capsule has three purple leaves printed on it (which helps verify authenticity) and contains all-natural, non-GMO kratom leaf powder. Capsules make it easy to take your dose of kratom whenever, wherever. Their Gold product is their elite kratom product.

OPMS Gold Liquid

For users who aren’t fans of capsules, OPMS Gold Liquid is available. Gold Liquid comes in an 8.8ml bottle with an hourglass shape for an easy grip. Each bottle contains 14 grams of kratom and is considered a tincture shot. These OPMS shots include:

  • 319mg of alkaloid
  • 4mg 7-OH mitragynine
  • 95mg mitragynine

Liquid extracts are more potent and should be used with caution.

OPMS Black Capsules

OPMS Black comes in capsule form in packs of 2, 3 and 5. Each capsule has three black leaves printed on it to show authenticity. These OPMS capsules are considered the most potent product from OPMS. Each capsule contains 310mg of 48% mitragynine kratom extract.

OPMS Black Liquid

OPMS Black Liquid is the tincture form of the Black kratom product. The 8.8ml bottle contains:

  • 375mg kratom leaf extract 
  • 180mg mitragynine content 48%
  • Less than 8mg 7-OH-mitragynine

Many users feel the effects of this product with just one or two drops. 

OPMS Silver Capsules

OPMS Silver comes in capsule form and has three yellow leaves printed on each capsule. OPMS calls this a “1-time extract,” and is a crushed-leaf kratom product.

Their Silver capsules come in a variety of blends that you can get them in packs of 16, 32 and 64, including:

Along with their capsules, OPMS offers Silver Powders. These contain high-quality OPMS kratom powder that is free from contaminants and tested for heavy metals, mold, bacteria and more. Silver Powders are also sterilized further for added safety. 

All of the strains listed above are available in Silver Powder form and come in three sizes: 1-ounce, 4-ounces and 16-ounces.


What People on Reddit Are Saying Regarding OPMS Kratom

OPMS is a hot topic on Reddit, and there are a lot of comments on this product. Some of them really surprised me, but I feel like you need to have the full scoop on this brand of kratom.

Reddit Dislikes OPMS Black

You’ll find so many threads on the OPMS black, but this one is more recent and pretty good.  The OP hates OPMS Black and loves the Gold variety. While the ingredients in the two say that they’re similar except for more 7-OH and mit, people swear that OPMS Black is too strong. People feel that the OPMS Gold makes them feel better and isn’t as strong. Then, there are people who say the Black doesn’t hit nearly as hard as the Gold. I guess everyone has a different experience with OPMS.

OPMS Can Be Addicting

In one thread comparing OPMS and Leaf, a lot of users state that they take a lot of OPMS shots per day. You need to be careful when taking these shots as you’ll find yourself wanting more and that other products do not seem to help. If you plan on trying OPMS, just be cautious with your usage. OPMS has a good reputation among users, and the company has been around for a long time. One thing I learned through my research is that you need to be cautious when taking shots because they can be very intense.

Smokable kratom