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Liquid Kratom

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  • Topps Kratom Cappuccino Shot Topps Kratom Cappuccino Shot
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    Topps Kratom Cappuccino Shot

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    Topps Kratom Raw Shot

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Buy Liquid Kratom Products at Kratom Monkey!

The kratom industry is developing, and pioneering brands are bringing several new innovative products to market. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the liquid kratom scene, which now consists of flavored drinks, shots, and tinctures.

But why should you take kratom in liquid form, which product is best for you, and who can you trust? I will cover all that and more in this comprehensive liquid kratom review. As a keen Mitragyna speciosa user, I love experimenting with different kratom products.

Before we explore what makes a fantastic drink, shot, or tincture, let’s begin by getting more familiar with these liquid kratom product types.

What is Liquid Kratom?

Liquid kratom is exactly what it sounds like: kratom in liquid form! Kratom drinks, shots, and tinctures are infused with mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG), and more essential alkaloids from the Mitragyna speciosa herb.

Kratom liquid manufacturers create products by extracting these alkaloids from crushed kratom leaves or powder. Some kratom beverages are more potent than others, and certain products also contain other ingredients, such as energizing caffeine or tasty flavorings.

However, most kratom liquids generate more intense effects than powder. Therefore, these products have different directions for use.

Liquid Kratom Shots

A kratom shot is a liquidized product that offers a convenient and hassle-free way of getting your kratom dose. Shots consist of concentrated mitragynine and 7-HMG, with the amount in each serving and the product overall stated on the packaging.

Kratom shot products typically contain one or two servings. The pre-measured doses enable consistent and precise alkaloid intake, while the flavorings neutralize the kratom herb’s harsh bitterness. Depending on your desires, specific additives can also enhance your experience.  

Kratom Drinks

Some brands make instant powder kratom drinks, packed with fruity flavors and clearly defined amounts of mitragynine and 7-HMG. Much like liquid shots, kratom drinks are designed for dosing convenience and a better-tasting experience.

Kratom Tinctures

Tinctures consist of concentrated kratom extract diluted in a liquid base - the dilution rate determines the tincture’s strength. 

Most kratom tinctures are created using alcohol-based extraction, which is effective at extracting alkaloids from the leaves and powder of Mitragyna speciosa. 

There are two types of kratom tinctures

Isolated Kratom Tinctures: These oils contain isolated mitragynine and 7-HMG.

Full-Spectrum Kratom Tinctures: These are made from whole-plant kratom extracts and are teeming with additional alkaloids, flavonoids, and other active kratom ingredients. 

Benefits of Liquid Kratom Products

Kratom liquids are more than just a quirky way to enjoy your Mitragyna speciosa. Shots, tinctures, and instant drinks have multiple advantages over classic kratom products. 


Kratom’s sharp, bitter taste is the biggest bugbear that users have. Instead of grinning and bearing it, eliminate the harsh flavor with liquid kratom products!

Kratom liquid shots and instant powder drinks are typically loaded with delicious flavorings. This isn’t always the case with kratom tinctures, but even these products escape the harsh bitterness of kratom powder and leaves.


While kratom enthusiasts may see brewing tea or measuring out powder as part of the ritual, others just want to get things over and done with! Since liquid kratom products come with pre-measured doses, the consumption process only takes a few seconds from start to finish.


These products are perfect for those who like taking kratom on the go. They are relatively discreet, they aren’t messy, and the pre-measured doses mean little preparation is required.

Introducing the Best Liquid Kratom Brands at Kratom Monkey!

At Kratom Monkey, we bring the best of the industry together in one convenient place. With our stunning own-branded products and those of other well-known companies, we cater to any kratom need you may have!

Let’s learn more about three brands in our store with liquid kratom collections.

Club 13

Club 13 is one of America’s oldest kratom brands, having started operations in 1999. The Florida-based brand specializes in all things Mitragyna speciosa, creating premium kratom products accompanied by excellent third-party lab results.

Kratom Monkey stocks several Club 13 products, including a potent Liquid Kratom Extract. With more than 200mg mitragynine in a 10ml bottle, this extract is for experienced users only!

Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo is a high-quality kratom brand with a lofty reputation. Certified as a GMP-qualified vendor by the American Kratom Association and diligent with third-party lab testing, they are the real deal. And Happy Hippo has a fantastically unique product collection.

This includes a selection of kratom extract shots, which are available in different potencies and flavors. How about Happy Hippo’s Maeng Da Kratom Energy Shot? Or maybe you would prefer a more standard sour apple-flavored shot?

Happy Hippo also produces a delightful set of Green Maeng Da Kratom Extract Liquids (i.e., tinctures). And with flavors like coffee, pina colada, and razzleberry, you can forget all about that bitter kratom taste.


We finish up with Kratomade, the experts in instant kratom-infused powder drinks! This company has developed the world’s first water-soluble kratom extract products, making things more convenient for users than ever before.

Kratomade works with food and beverage flavoring specialists to develop the tastiest liquid kratom products available. Simply mix the flavored mitragynine-rich powder with water and enjoy! Each sachet contains 100mg mitragynine (two servings), which equates to about 8g of powder. All Kratomade products are third-party tested for strength and purity.

Drink Flavors: Cherry Pomegranate, Exotic Soursop (Guanabana), Mountain Forest Fruits, Tamarind Delight, Tropical Guava Mama, Very Berry Blend, Wild Mountain Blueberry, Wild Raspberry Delight, and many more!

What to Look for When Buying Liquid Kratom Products

I hope you agree that exciting things are happening in the liquid kratom scene! But as always with emerging markets, certain brands and retailers are not up to the standard of others.

However, being here at Kratom Monkey marks a great start in your search for premium kratom liquids. I have identified three things to look for when shopping for these products.

Third-Party Lab Results

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate kratom, although a few states have passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Therefore, the best kratom brands like to prove the potency and purity of their products via third-party lab testing.

The industry has previously experienced issues with kratom contamination. Third-party testing is not merely a welcome addition, it is a necessity - even though it isn’t legally required. 

You can enjoy your liquid kratom with peace of mind once you know it is pure and free from pathogens and heavy metals. 

Product Potency

Not all liquid kratom products are created equally! Some are much more potent than others, meaning not every shot, tincture, or drink will suit you. But the leading kratom brands always state the amount of mitragynine in a product and how much you get per serving. 

Stellar Customer Service

Excellent customer service is a hallmark of any good retailer, whatever the industry. Finding the right kratom product for you can be a challenge, and we know our customers sometimes have plenty of questions.

The Kratom Monkey customer service team is equipped to answer any of your queries! Contact us via chat, email, or phone for a prompt response.

But it gets better than that. Orders over $50 come with free shipping, and we often offer deals for all our amazing products!

Liquid Kratom: Side Effects and Safety Precautions

Kratom usage can cause side effects. And highly-potent liquid kratom products come with added risk. Side effects include:

  • Addiction
  • Aggression
  • Dependence and withdrawal symptoms
  • Hallucinations
  • Nausea

Click here for an in-depth review of kratom’s side effects and potential uses.

Here are my tips for staying safe with liquid kratom products:

  • Do not mix kratom liquids with alcohol or other inebriating substances
  • Maintain a record of how much kratom you took, and when 
  • Never drive after consuming kratom
  • Keep kratom liquids out of sight and reach of children

Buy Liquid Kratom Products at Kratom Monkey Today!

Thanks for reading this liquid kratom review! Like what you saw? Now check out the Kratom Monkey store and start experiencing kratom liquids for yourself! Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team if you need help. Happy shopping

Liquid Kratom