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Kratom Tinctures

Our Kratom tinctures are made with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that you get the most out of each and every drop.

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    Kratom Tincture 150 MGS (15ML)
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    Kratom Tincture 150 MGS (15ML)

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As the U.S. kratom industry has grown, several new and game-changing products have come onto the market, promising different and unique experiences. Take kratom tinctures, for example. These highly concentrated, alkaloid-rich products are already a massive hit.

But what are kratom tinctures, who are they best suited to, and why should you choose them over the many other product types? We will discuss all this more in this Kratom Monkey guide to kratom-infused tinctures. You have the questions. We have the answers!

Before I delve into the best kratom tincture brands at Kratom Monkey, let’s begin by learning more about these intriguing and super-potent products. 

What are Kratom Tinctures?

Kratom tinctures are liquidized and highly concentrated kratom products. That’s right: it is possible to transform kratom leaves and powder into a liquidized and better-tasting form!

Most manufacturers create alcohol-based kratom tinctures. High-proof alcohol efficiently extracts mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG), and other alkaloids from the plant. Once extraction is complete, the leaves or powder can be removed from the final mixture.

There are two types of kratom tinctures: isolated and full-spectrum. The former contains specific alkaloids, such as mitragynine and 7-HMG. The latter provides a whole-plant kratom experience, preserving all its indole alkaloids, flavonoids, polyphenols, and other active compounds.

Subsequently, full-spectrum kratom tinctures have more in common with kratom powder, capsules, and leaves, since you are ingesting all of the plant’s active chemicals. In contrast, isolated kratom tinctures deliver more specialized and refined effects.

Furthermore, you can make kratom tinctures in two ways - with raw kratom leaves or with processed powder. Tinctures made with leaves are typically described as raw kratom tinctures.

However, no evidence suggests a difference in effects between leaf and powder-based tinctures.

All these kratom oils have their place - it’s about finding the tincture that works for you! 

Benefits of Kratom Tinctures

With kratom capsules, drinks, powders, and much more for sale at Kratom Monkey, why should you go for tinctures? Let’s look more closely at the three major selling points. 


Tincture oils offer a more discreet form of kratom consumption. Chomping on leaves or 'tossing and washing' powder might work fine at home, but it might attract attention out in public - attention you may prefer to avoid.

On the outside, kratom tinctures look no different from their CBD counterparts. So, you can administer it sublingually or mix it with food or drink without anyone being any the wiser. And that is perfect if you want to take kratom under the radar at work or during a family gathering.

Accurate Serving Sizes

Many kratom users - and particularly novices - worry about serving sizes. Some product types make to-the-milligram dosing impossible, but serving size accuracy is the name of the game with kratom tinctures!

Of course, you must buy from a reputable kratom tincture brand to ensure such serving size precision. Your chosen product should state the tincture's total alkaloid content and how much is delivered in a full dropper.


Even the biggest kratom tincture products come in relatively small bottles, perfect for popping in your jacket pocket or handbag. And with no preparation necessary, you can dose up within seconds, wherever you happen to be!

When I say travel-friendly, I don’t mean you can take kratom tinctures with you everywhere! If heading out of state or abroad, check the kratom law in your final destination (and anywhere you pass through on your journey) before traveling. 

Introducing the Best Kratom Tincture Brands at Kratom Monkey!

Excited about what kratom tinctures have to offer? Fantastic! We are thrilled to stock an expanding selection of these products at Kratom Monkey from the industry’s best brands.

Amazing Botanicals

Amazing Botanicals is a premium and transparent kratom brand with an extensive collection of products, including high-strength tinctures. The company’s 150mg Ultimate Kratom Tincture is the pick of the bunch and perhaps even the world’s most potent!

But Amazing Botanicals is about more than potency. That strength combines with remarkable product purity and the utmost transparency through a commitment to third-party lab testing. When it comes to amazing Mitragyna speciosa, this brand talks the talk and walks the walk! 

Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo is a stellar brand with a varied selection of GMP-approved and lab-tested kratom products, from powders to extracts. But what about their tinctures?

At Kratom Monkey, we stock a “kratom extract liquid” from Happy Hippo - but it looks and works much like any product marketed as a tincture. It’s made with Green Maeng Da extract, comes in a 12ml bottle, and provides 2ml per serving (the equivalent of 1.5 grams of plain leaf Maeng Da).

The dropper allows for mess-free and accurate dosing with no guesswork required. Choose from an unflavored liquid and three flavored options: caffeine-free coffee, pina colada, and razzleberry. 

Are Kratom Tinctures Legit?

Kratom tinctures are as legitimate as the brand selling them! This is a genuine type of kratom product, but whether you get a decent tincture comes down to the manufacturer and vendor.

At Kratom Monkey, we ease your legitimacy worries by sticking with respected and transparent kratom brands. We believe in bringing the industry’s best to our customers, and companies that refuse to prove their worth through third-party lab testing are not for us.

Knowing the exact alkaloid content of a kratom tincture is even more essential due to the strength and concentrated nature of these products. The best brands state the amount of mitragynine and 7-HMG in a product on the label and back it up with a third-party lab report.

Such lab results are also vital for eliminating purity and contamination concerns. Unfortunately, contamination has previously been an issue with low-grade kratom. But third-party purity testing is perfect for showing a tincture is free from pathogens, heavy metals, and other nasties.

Are Kratom Tinctures Right for Me?

Still on the fence about kratom tinctures? If you are looking for any of the following, these might be the products for you. 

Fast-acting effects: Sublingual administration (applying a tincture under the tongue) makes for more immediate and intense effects than taking kratom in capsule or edible form. If you want the benefits of Mitragyna speciosa in a fast-acting fashion, give kratom tinctures a go.

Pure alkaloid experience: Isolate kratom tinctures provide a way of consuming the mitragynine and 7-HMG alkaloids, separate from the herb’s other compounds. Some find a pure alkaloid experience preferable to a full-spectrum tincture. You won’t know unless you try!

Convenience: Hassle-free consumption is always desirable with Mitragyna speciosa. Certain products are overly bitter and could cause a mess when you take them. But you can take kratom tinctures cleanly and discreetly, with the added benefit of a manageable flavor.

Keeping Safe with Kratom

While many of our customers have an awesome time with kratom, we cannot deny that some suffer side effects. Unfortunately, these are a fact of life with a natural substance like kratom.

Be aware of the following potential side effects: 

  • Addiction
  • Chills, nausea, and vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Hallucinations and delusions
  • Tongue numbness

Click here to discover more about kratom’s side effects and possible benefits.

But don’t worry. Through responsible kratom use, you can manage - albeit not eliminate - the threat of side effects. Here are my tips for taking kratom:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to the letter
  • Don’t combine kratom with alcohol, cannabis, or other substances
  • Don’t drive or take on other tasks of responsibility after consuming kratom
  • Monitor and regulate your serving sizes to manage your tolerance 

Buy Premium Kratom Tinctures at Kratom Monkey!

Thank you for reading our comprehensive kratom tincture review. These potent products are a hit with Kratom Monkey customers - although with premium brands like Amazing Botanicals and Happy Hippo in our repertoire, that is no surprise!

Ready for your first tincture experience? The Kratom Monkey store awaits! Need further assistance? Contact us via live chat, email, or phone and we will gladly help.


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