Red Riau Kratom Strain: Benefits, Function, Side Effects, and Where to Buy Them

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Dec 23, 2022

In recent years, Kratom has become the darling of many people who are looking for a legal, natural option to treat anxiety and pain. Although it appears that it might be losing its luster in some places as more states and countries ban it, we think this is short-sighted and will eventually blow over. For now, however, let's talk about the Red Riau kratom strain.

Red Riau Kratom has become a popular brand of Kratom in the recent past. Kratom generally refers to any plant belonging to the family Rubiaceae. The unique feature of this plant is that it contains psychoactive substances that can help improve overall health by relieving pain and inducing sleep.

If you want to know whether or not Red Riau Kratom is the right strain for you, read on. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Red Riau – What is red kratom used for, its recommended dosage, its different types, where to buy it, and more.

What Is Red Riau Kratom?

What is Red Vein Riau Kratom? This is a question that we have repeatedly seen in online forums.

Kratom is an herbal product collected from the leaves of an Indonesian tree known as Mitragyna Speciosa. The leaves are then dried, crushed and used to make different types of kratom extract supplements.

One of these types has been deemed Red Vein Riau Kratom. It is not actually a different species of the plant but rather a sub-species of white vein kratom, which is a sub-species of the original plant.

Red Riau Kratom is a variant of the Indonesian Kratom plant. It originates in the Riau province of Indonesia and has actually been used by locals there for centuries. It's well known in Southeast Asia but hasn't caught on 100% in the Western world.

Traditional medicine has discovered that powdering kratom tree leaves and consuming them can have potent effects. Red vein, green vein, and white vein variants make up the three primary sub-types of kratom.

The amount of alkaloids and the color of the leaves fluctuate depending on when the kratom leaves are harvested throughout the life of the tree. Therefore, the effects of kratom are also highly dependent on how it is harvested. The naturally occurring variety of red vein kratom has a distinct red color caused by the heavy presence of antioxidants in the leaves.

One of the biggest vendors of Red Riau Kratom claims that the red strain grows in both primary and secondary rainforests in the Riau area.

After being harvested, dried, and advanced processed using specific processes, the leaves obtained from these untamed trees are then powdered.

The weather of Riau is ideal for the growth of Mitragyna speciosa trees, which are native to Indonesia's Borneo and Sumatra areas and have many of the same characteristics. Likewise, many attributes of Red Riau Kratom are shared by other strains developed in Indonesia.

However, Red Riau Kratom is distinctive from the perspective of experienced users due to particular characteristics, such as its unique fineness. The red strain of Kratom also has a nice, fresh fragrance that makes people want to utilize it.

According to medical professionals, some components of kratom bind to the same regions of a nerve cell as opioid medications and have a comparable impact on your brain. However, there haven't been many thorough investigations on how or why it operates.

Doctors warn that it can be addictive and have dangerous adverse effects. As a result, kratom products are prohibited in several jurisdictions, while Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and some European nations classify it as a restricted drug. 2016 saw the U.S.

In order to allow scientists more time to research kratom, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) first advocated prohibiting it at the federal level.

What Is Red Riau Kratom Used For?

Like many other red strains, Red Riau kratom is most renowned for its calming properties and capacity to lessen pain. However, the balanced quantities of alkaloids that result in modest effects are what distinguish this strain.

As a result, most novice users of kratom and people who are sensitive to Red Riau kratom effects discover that this strain works well for them.

The two alkaloids that are most common in Red Riau are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. Most people connect mitragynine with its capacity to sedate at higher dosages.

Red Riau has less of this alkaloid than the majority of other red strains. This is most likely the cause of Red Riau's reputedly mild sedative effects.

In addition, compared to many other red strains, Red Riau doesn't have as high of a concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine. That said, it is a great remedy for a lot of things.

Here are some of the red Riau kratom benefits you should know about:

  • Sleep Support - Red Riau is most frequently employed for its light sedative properties. This strain's alkaloids are particularly effective in promoting sleep. This strain has a less sedative effect than the majority of other red strains, even at high dosages. Many users claim that the drowsiness and relaxation brought on by this strain aren't too strong to interfere with their regular tasks because the alkaloids are well-balanced. Most significantly, this strain is a wonderful choice for novices and people who are sensitive to other red strains because of the minimal effects you'll experience.
  • Pain Relief - Many users of this strain also use it to treat pain in addition to moderate sedation. Compared to most other red strains, fewer alkaloids in Red Riau interact with the body and mimic the effects of opioids are present. As a result, this red strain is highly well-liked by people who simply need temporary pain treatment. Once more, this strain stands out as an excellent choice for novices and people who are sensitive to kratom. Red Riau can provide adequate pain relief without causing too much drowsiness.
  • Anxiety Relief - Finally, Red Riau frequently works to ease tension and overpowering thoughts. It is a moderate sedative that inhibits the central nervous system (CNS) and induces sensations of serenity and relaxation, even at high dosages. Red Riau is an excellent kratom strain for its relaxing properties, even when taken in very small doses, unlike certain kratom strains that require a significant amount to alleviate anxiety.

Red Riau Kratom Dosage

The right Red Riau dosage for you will depend on a few factors. First, however, you must take the dosage according to the results you want. If you struggle with how much you are supposed to take, here are a few dosage recommendations to help you get the experience you want.

Dose for Mild Relaxation

A dosage of between 3 and 6 grams should be sufficient if you intend to utilize Red Riau as a moderate sedative to aid in relaxation or sleep. However, you might want to start even lower if you're a newbie.

A 2-gram dose of Red Riau would be excellent for you and still give some sedation. But it’s worth noting that most kratom strains provide more energy boosts at lesser doses.

To experience a more potent sensation of relaxation, some users boost their intake of this strain to around 8 g. Beginners and individuals with kratom sensitivity should stay away from bigger doses like this.

Dose for Pain Relief

If you're looking for moderate pain treatment, somewhat high dosages are probably appropriate. Red Riau is typically taken between 4 and 8 grams. However, you could see benefits at even lower dosages of approximately 3 grams.

A dosage between 2 and 3 grams could work best if your pain isn't severe. Taking 4 to 8 grams is usually preferable if you want to cure severe pain.

Dose for Reduced Restlessness

For reducing restlessness, mental stress, anxiety, or the like, Red Riau is a trendy alternative among kratom users. Most users of this strain for this purpose use 3 to 8 grams.

Larger dosages within this range will likely result in drowsiness as well as more effective anxiety reduction. Keep your dose between 3 g and 4 g if you need to concentrate all day on work, school, or other activities.

Different Red Riau Kratom Strains

Now that you know a lot about red Riau kratom, let’s take a look at the different ways to consume this strain:


Kratom is usually purchased in powder form. Using Red Riau kratom powder can help you manage your dosage easily. But how?

One of the quickest ways is by drinking it with water. Simply add the powder to a glass of water, stir well, and drink. Of course, you can use other beverages like coffee or juice if you like – you can add them to your meal. However, note that kratom powders taste bitter and grassy.

If you can handle the taste, tossing and washing is another technique you can use to consume it. It works by simply taking a spoonful of kratom powder and drinking your desired beverage.



Alternatively, you can also take red riau kratom in the form of a capsule. For one, capsules can easily be consumed and are more convenient to carry anywhere.

Some users prefer taking it in capsules because kratom strains are usually more potent and concentrated.


In addition to chewing the raw leaves, kratom tea is one of the most widely used methods of consumption in Southeast Asia and is also growing in popularity there. With tea, the effects of kratom are typically more stimulating than with powdered varieties – especially when you drink tea on an empty stomach.

Best Red Riau Kratom Strains

If you still believe Red Riau kratom won’t cut it, don’t panic! Here are some other similar strains you can try.

Green Bali Kratom

Red Riau is a rather distinctive red strain since it has mild effects. There are, however, a number of additional kratom strains with appropriate alkaloid ratios that are suitable for novices and only have minor effects.

Green Borneo Kratom

Another well-known strain in the market is Green Borneo kratom, which is well regarded for its capacity to reduce stress and discomfort.

It is akin to Red Riau, which is regarded as a somewhat balanced red strain, even though it is typically thought of as a potent green strain. You shouldn't have any trouble locating Green Borneo as it is more widely accessible than other strains, much like Green Bali kratom.

Red Indo Kratom

Finding balanced red strains like Red Riau might be difficult, but Red Indo kratom produces only mild effects. It is often used to relieve pain, mildly sedate, and reduce anxiety. Unfortunately, red Riau is more difficult to get than Indo kratom, which is a widely popular species.

Where Can You Buy Red Riau Kratom?

If you are looking for a place to purchase red riau kratom, there are many options available to consider. However, the best place to start is by doing some research online.

There are thousands of websites that sell red riau kratom, but not all of them are reputable sources of this product. You can also find it at smoke shops or head shops in your area if they carry natural products like tea leaves or herbal remedies like kratom powder or capsules.

If you want to buy red riau kratom online, there are several reliable vendors that offer quality products at reasonable prices, including Kratom Monkey.

Kratom Monkey has been selling high-quality kratom products for a while now, so they know what they’re doing. In addition, they offer a variety of different strains that you can choose from in capsules, powders or tea forms, such as:

Final Thoughts

Consumers mainly use Red Riau Kratom as a pain- and anxiety-relieving supplement. It's regarded as one of the finest red strains for novices and people who are sensitive to kratom's effects because of its moderate impact profile.

In regards to your kratom intake, it would be best to start small. In addition, to alleviate kratom dependence and tolerance, it is advisable to keep a memo or journal to monitor your intake.

The most typical dose is from 2 grams to 6 grams and is used to treat moderate drowsiness and pain. Some individuals use up to 8 grams to treat persistent sleeplessness or severe discomfort.

For the best experience, make sure you buy from a reputable seller like Kratom Monkey.

Get your Red Riau Kratom strain at Kratom Monkey today!

Feb 17th 2023 Phillip Rivera

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